• • Economics expert and professor at Missouri State University campuses in Missouri and China
  • • Author of published works for higher education and online and offline business clients
  • • Expert contributor to Investopedia.com with subjects ranging from global economics and mutual funds to the biggest Chinese oil companies and the firms owned by the coffee powerhouse Starbucks


J. William is an economist who writes on global business and finance, higher education and travel topics for online publications and business clients. J. William has written extensively for Investopedia.com on subjects that range from mutual funds to the companies owned by the coffee giant Starbucks. His articles include Fisher Investments: Investment Manager Highlight; Investment Banker: Career Path & Qualifications; BMO's Top 3 U.S. Dollar Mutual Funds (BMO, AAPL); Top 6 Companies Owned by Starbucks (SBUX); Marathon Asset Management: Investment Manager Highlight; The Biggest Oil Producers in the Middle East and The 5 Biggest Chinese Oil Companies (SNP). Prior to his career as a writer, J. William was an economics instructor at Missouri State University campuses in Missouri and China.

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