J. William Carpenter

J. William Carpenter

William writes on business and finance, higher education and travel topics for online publications and business clients. Prior to his writing career, he worked as an economics instructor at Missouri State University campuses in Missouri and China. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics. Get in touch with William on Twitter.

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  1. Career / Compensation

    What investment bankers do in their jobs

    Learn more about the work of investment bankers. Find out how most professionals got started and the types of financial transactions ...
  2. Budgeting & Savings

    Trunk Club Review: Is It Worth It?

    Take a close look at one of the best-known online clothing services in the country, and determine whether it's a good fit ...
  3. Career / Compensation

    Financial auditor: Career path and qualifications

    Learn what qualifications and certifications it takes to become an internal or external financial auditor, and find out if ...
  4. Stocks

    Top 5 Companies Owned by Disney

    Learn more about the top companies that Disney owns.
  5. Crime & Fraud

    Internal auditor: career path and qualifications

    Find out what kind of work internal auditors do in large organizations, and learn how to get started working in the field.
  6. Stocks

    Top 3 Companies Owned by Comcast (CMCSA)

    Read about the subsidiaries that make up Comcast Corporation's cable and media empire, and learn more about how they fit ...
  7. Stocks

    Top 5 Companies Owned by Ford

    Discover some of Ford Motor Company's most important subsidiaries and joint ventures, and learn more about what they do to ...
  8. Stocks

    Top 3 Companies Owned By Time Warner (TWX)

    Learn more about the three companies that make Time Warner into one of the country's biggest mass media and entertainment ...
  9. Stocks

    Fitbit Inc: How It's Fared Since Its 2015 IPO (FIT)

    Read about Fitbit and its position in the wearable fitness device market, and learn more about how it has performed since ...
  10. Stocks

    Top 5 Companies Owned By Walmart (WMT)

    Look into some of Walmart's most important subsidiaries, and discover how they fit into the global operations of the world's ...
  11. Stocks

    Top 4 Companies Owned by JPMorgan (JPM)

    Read about JPMorgan Chase & Company's main operating subsidiaries, including its retail and investment banking operations ...
  12. Commodities

    The world's top 10 natural gas companies

    Read about the 10 companies that, combined, produce over 100 billion cubic feet of natural gas – approximately 30% of the ...
  13. Stocks

    Top 6 Companies Owned by Berkshire Hathaway

    Take a look at some of the biggest wholly owned subsidiaries in the Berkshire Hathaway family, and learn just how diversified ...
  14. High Net Worth Strategy

    ADT: Who Are ADT Corporation's Main Competitors?

    Learn about ADT Corporation and its competitive position in the North American market for monitored security and home automation ...
  15. Career / Compensation

    Credit risk analyst: Career path and qualifications

    Learn about what kind of work credit risk analysts do on a day-to-day basis, and determine whether this career is one you'd ...
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