Justin Walton

Justin Walton

Justin Walton is a freelance writer with published articles on business, real estate, technology, lifestyle, world economics and personal finance. One of his articles for Investopedia was recognized as one of the "Top 10 Stories of 2015.” His unique perspective comes from over two decades of marketing, compliance and financial oversight experience in the sports and entertainment industries. When he is not writing, he enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, and traveling with his wife and four children.

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  1. FA Relevant

    Can minors invest in mutual funds?

    Not directly. Mutual fund investments can be made through a custodial account opened in a minor's name and overseen by a ...
  2. Insurance

    Can your insurance company drug test you?

    Learn why insurance companies conduct drug tests and how a lifestyle free of drugs can save you big money on health and life ...
  3. Insurance

    Can your insurance company drop you after an accident?

    Learn how auto accidents can lead to insurance premium increases or policy cancellations, and why high-risk drivers are more ...
  4. Retirement Savings

    Can a divorced woman collect Social Security from her ex-husband?

    If you were married for at least 10 years, and you meet certain other conditions, you can collect half of your ex-husband's ...
  5. Company Insights

    Top 5 Shareholders of PepsiCo (PEP)

    The top five individual shareholders of PepsiCo are current or former members of the company's senior leadership.
  6. Stocks

    Top 4 Apps for Traders

    Discover some of the best mobile apps to track the market news and manage your portfolio on the go.
  7. People

    The Net Worth of the Shark Tank Cast

    Reality TV star joins the richest "Sharks" on the hit TV show, see how they amassed their vast fortunes
  8. Big Data

    The Top 5 IBM Shareholders

    Learn more about the largest stakeholders of IBM and the role they have played in the company's growth in the software and ...
  9. Stocks

    The Top 5 Google Shareholders

    Learn more about the top shareholders of Google's parent company, Alphabet.
  10. Financial Analysis

    The Top 5 Microsoft Shareholders (MSFT)

    The largest individual holders of Microsoft shares remain the company's founders as well as previous and current top management.
  11. FA Relevant

    Mutual Funds and Compound Interest

    Learn how mutual funds can grow wealth over time through the magic of compound interest by reinvesting dividends back into ...
  12. Stocks

    The world's top 10 utility companies

    Learn who the Top Ten utility companies in the world are, along with tips for investing in the utilities sector.
  13. Managing Wealth

    Where Does Bill Gross Keep His Money?

    Discover how Bill Gross, one of the world's most successful and eccentric billionaires, invests his money and why he plans ...
  14. Retirement Savings

    How does an IRA grow over time?

    Learn how the magic of compounding helps grow an individual retirement account (IRA). IRAs are one of the most proven ways ...
  15. Stocks

    Box Inc: How Two Best Friends Launched a Potential Empire (BOX)

    Learn how Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith, along with other childhood friends, came up with the idea for Box Inc. in a backyard ...
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