Freelance finance writer


  • 90+ articles published on Investopedia covering a wide range of topics, including stocks, personal finance, and investing tips
  • Has vast financial oversight experience in the sports and entertainment industries
  • One of his articles for Investopedia was recognized as one of the "Top 10 Stories of 2015”


Justin Walton is a freelance writer with published articles on business, real estate, technology, world economics, and personal finance. His unique perspective comes from over two decades of marketing, compliance, and financial oversight experience in the sports and entertainment industries. 

Justin has written extensively on personal finance including identifying the best retirement communities for retirees. He has also produced a series of articles identifying the highest paid executives in the technology, industrial, and financial sectors. 

Justin has also written macro articles that explain what countries produce the most coffee or solar energy, or the industries that drive growth. He has also written extensively on identifying the top shareholders of major corporations and their competitors.