John Edwards

  • • Licensed attorney with experience in commodities and alternative investments
  • • Contributing to financial media outlets for more than two years
  • • Holds a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation


John is a licensed attorney with experience in commodities hedge funds and alternative investments. He has been writing content for online financial information outlets for more than two years. John work includes articles about investing in technology stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), investing in mutual funds, bonds, and other fixed-income products, and commodity trading.

John provides performance analysis of hedge funds and activist investors. His work on the global economic challenges has included the Greek debt crisis, China's economic slowdown, and the Eurozone financial issues.

For his work on the impact of oil prices on the U.S. economy, he explained the impact of the changes in crude oil prices on the financial condition of oil and the petroleum and gas production industries. You will find John's writing referenced in the book Vanishing Frontiers: The Forces Driving Mexico and the United States Together, and as suggested reading for several online financial and economic courses.

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  1. Alternative Investments

    George Soros: 3 Best Investments Ever

    Learn about the most successful trades billionaire George Soros has made during his career, including his billion dollar ...
  2. Stocks

    The Top 5 Apple Shareholders (AAPL)

    These insiders and institutional investors hold the largest positions in this popular tech company.
  3. FA Relevant

    Markets Are Tanking: Time to Buy Like Buffett

    Learn about the top three value stocks Warren Buffett owns, and how he uses market declines to find good deals on stocks.
  4. Investing Strategy

    The Benefits of High-Dividend Yielding Stocks

    The advantages of high-dividend yielding stocks are obvious – consistent income, stocks in commonly defensive sectors and ...
  5. FA Relevant

    Risks and Rewards of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B)

    It's an iconic American company, but investors need to understand the risks of Berkshire Hathaway stock, not least of which ...
  6. Stocks

    Who Are Exxon Mobil's Main Competitors?

    Exxon Mobile's top competitors in the oil, gas and energy business don't come close to the size of its market capitalization ...
  7. Mutual Funds

    Top 5 Core Bond Funds for Long-Term Investors

    Some mutual funds are more appropriate than others for core bond holdings. Credit risk and expense ratios for mutual funds ...
  8. Bonds / Fixed Income

    VTIBX, DFGBX, PIGLX, TPINX, ANAGX: Top 5 Global Bond Funds

    Learn about the top global bond funds, and see how funds with longer maturities and duration have greater exposure to interest ...
  9. Mutual Funds

    The Top 5 High Yield Bond Funds for 2019

    Mutual funds and ETFs that invest in high-yield bonds yield greater returns than government securities, yet additional and ...
  10. Mutual Funds

    Powerful Vanguard Mutual Funds for Your Roth IRA

    Some Vanguard funds are better than others for a Roth IRA. Investors use these funds to diversify with equities, bonds and ...
  11. FA Relevant

    The Effect of Fed Fund Rate Hikes on Your Bond Portfolio

    The extent to which a fed funds rate hike impacts a bond portfolio depends on the portfolio’s duration and its place along ...
  12. Mutual Funds

    How Vanguard Index Funds Work

    Index funds allow investors to gain exposure to the market in a single, simple and easy-to-trade investment vehicle.
  13. FA Profession

    Why Market Correlation Matters

    Correlation measures how assets and markets move in relation to each other, and can be used to manage risk.
  14. Stocks

    What Does Warren Buffett Own? (BRK.B, PSX)

    Learn about a few underrated stocks Warren Buffett owns in his Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.
  15. Markets & Economy

    3 Economic Challenges for Germany in 2019

    Germany's strong economy faces three issues going into 2019.
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