Investment and business writer


  • Contributor of over thirty articles on Investopedia, covering topics such as wealth management, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds or ETFs
  • Combines her writing skills with her experience in the field of personal wealth management
  • Currently a full-time writer focusing on investing


After earning a degree in English literature, Julia Hawley initially worked as a high school English teacher at a prestigious private school. However, she soon transferred to a new professional area, working at a prominent wealth management company in New York City. Currently, Julia is a full-time writer with a focus on investments, business, economics, and personal finance.

Julia's published work on Investopedia covers a number of topics, including analyzing the return on equity for top banks, identifying top penny stocks, and mutual funds. Julia has also written extensively on personal finance, including identifying the best retirement communities for retirees, stocks that are suitable for individual retirement accounts or IRAs, annuities, and the best exchange-traded funds or ETFs for retired investors.