Rebecca Lake

Rebecca Lake is a freelance writer living along the North Carolina coast. Her articles on student loans, investing and credit have appeared on sites like The Huffington Post, Daily Finance and Business Insider. In addition to writing about personal finance, she's also a homeschooling mom of two energetic children. For the latest updates on all things finance and freelance, follow her on Twitter @SeeMomWrite. 

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  1. FA Profession

    Trust: An Advisor's Most Important Asset

    In order to grow and sustain their practice in a shifting landscape, advisors need to build stronger relationships with clients ...
  2. Retirement Savings

    Early Retirement: Strategies to Make Your Wealth Last

    You want more time to pursue your passions without being tied to a time clock. Great! But you need a plan for making your ...
  3. Investing Strategy

    $500 or $5,000: The Best Ways to Invest For a Small Budget

    Got a small budget? Here are some investing tips.
  4. Career / Compensation

    How to Start a Career that Ends in the C-Suite

    Setting the stage early in your career can make the leap to an executive leadership role easier.
  5. Income Tax

    IRS Publication 590-A: Contributions to an IRA

    IRS Publication 590-A offers a detailed look at the contribution rules for Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs).
  6. Income Tax

    IRS Publication 590-B: Distribution from IRAs

    IRS Publication 590-B outlines the rules for making distributions from a traditional or Roth Individual Retirement Arrangements ...
  7. Retirement

    University Based Retirement Community (UBRC)

    A university-based retirement community is a specific type of retirement community with proximity and, usually, ties to a ...
  8. Investing Strategy

    4 Best Passive Income Investments

    Generating income from passive investments begins with knowing which ones are the best fit for your portfolio.
  9. Retirement Savings

    Doing It Yourself: The Self-Directed 401(k) and IRA

    Self-directed retirement accounts offer a broader range of investment choices than regular ones do.
  10. Real Estate

    18-Hour City

    An 18-hour city is a second-tier city with above-average population growth that offers a lower cost of living and doing business ...
  11. Retirement Living

    Best Countries to Retire to and Planning for Retirement Abroad

    Mexico beats Panama out for the best country to retire to. Check out why, and other news about the best retirement countries.
  12. Retirement Savings

    Retirement Savings Tools II: IRAs

    An individual retirement account can increase your savings beyond your employer's retirement plan (or if you don't have an ...
  13. IRAs

    Too Rich for a Roth? Do This

    A backdoor Roth IRA could allow high-income earners to grow their retirement wealth.
  14. Taxes

    Defer Taxes with Nonqualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) Plans

    Nonqualified deferred compensation plans can help highly compensated employees bolster their retirement plans.
  15. Retirement Savings

    Retirement Savings Tools I: Employer Savings Plans

    There are a variety of employer savings plans that can offer multiple routes to saving for retirement.
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