Rebecca Lake


Rebecca Lake is a financial journalist reporting on personal finance, investing and small business. Her work has appeared online at U.S. News and World Report, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, The Balance and Fox Business.


Rebecca received her Bachelors from the University of South Carolina and her Masters from Charleston Southern University.

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  1. Retirement

    Retirement Planning Doesn’t Stop When You Retire

    The next phase of retirement planning begins once you've left the workforce.
  2. College Costs

    The Costs of Going Back to School as An Adult

    Going back to school as an adult requires careful financial planning.
  3. Career / Compensation

    The Difference Between Annual Compensation and Annual Salary

    The difference between annual compensation and annual salary is especially important for retirement plan contributions.
  4. FA Relevant

    5 Best Countries to Retire to If You Love Winter

    Certain countries are better suited than others for retirees who welcome the change in temperature that winter brings. Here ...
  5. Retirement

    How to Plan for Medical Expenses in Retirement

    Don't let high health care expenses derail your retirement plans.
  6. Cybersecurity

    6 Features Your Primary Bank Should Have

    Certain banking features can make managing your finances easier, so it's important to choose carefully when opening a new ...
  7. Career / Compensation

    Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing offers a way to generate passive income online, but it takes time and money to make it a serious enterprise.
  8. Company Insights

    Top 5 Companies in Telemedicine

    Telemedicine companies that represent a growing segment of the health care sector are seeing a surge in popularity both from ...
  9. Insurance

    Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Airbnb?

    Renting out a room on Airbnb can be a good way to generate income, but you need to understand what is and isn’t covered by ...
  10. Banking

    10 Checking Accounts the Ultra Rich Use

    These accounts – created specifically for the wealthy – come with special extras such as personal bankers, waived fees and ...
  11. Buzz & Trending

    Best U.S. Cities for Finance Workers to Live In

    What are the best U.S. cities for finance workers to live in? Here are 15 places to call home that allows workers to maximize ...
  12. Investing Strategy

    Best Ways to Invest for a Small Budget

    Here are some investing tips for a small budget.
  13. IRAs

    Should You Draw From Your IRA Early?

    Withdrawing from your IRA before retirement can affect your long-term financial security.
  14. Retirement Savings

    How to Retire a Millionaire Without a 401(k)

    Can you retire as a millionaire without a 401(k) plan? It may not be easy, but it isn't impossible if you know where to invest ...
  15. High Net Worth Strategy

    How to Protect Your Pension in Divorce

    If you are parting ways with your spouse, gaining an understanding of your pension benefits can help ensure your retirement ...
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