Jay Wei

Jay Wei is an experienced investment and financial writer with a focus on fundamental business analysis. He has written numerous articles for The Motley Fool, a well-known investment education site, and currently contributes to the popular investment research site Seeking Alpha. Wei earned an MBA in finance and a master's of accounting. Prior to writing and research, he worked for a large investment and trust company as a project manager responsible for making equity investments in a variety of businesses. Wei also has solid stock market trading experience, which has benefited his investment research work and become useful when doing client consulting in business and investment matters. Wei prides himself in always providing a unique perspective in his writing, and doing so with style. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn, and check out his blog.

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  1. Financial Analysis

    Book Value Per Share for Banks: Is It a Good Measure? (WFC, BAC)

    Find out why bank stocks usually trade below book value and understand how trading activities increase banks' risk exposures ...
  2. Financial Analysis

    Advantages of Maintaining Low Working Capital

    Understand the benefits and advantages of maintaining low working capital as related to liquidity needs, capital allocation ...
  3. Financial Analysis

    Dish Network's 3 Key Financial Ratios (DISH)

    Understand why some key financial ratios for Dish Network are universally worse than its peers' and the industry average ...
  4. Stocks

    PSX: Phillips 66 Dividend Analysis

    The spinoff of the oil refining business from ConocoPhillips has benefited Phillips 66 in maintaining its earnings and dividend ...
  5. Stocks

    AAPL: Apple Dividend Analysis

    Apple's dividend has had healthy growth ever since its 2012 reinstatement, thanks to Apple's continuously rising revenue, ...
  6. CG: Carlyle Group Dividend Analysis

    The Carlyle Group as a limited partnership is in a unique position to have unlimited dividend payouts and, as a result, unparalleled ...
  7. Stocks

    IBM: Dividend Analysis

    Even with declining revenue and earnings, IBM dividends have been on the rise thanks to the company's ample cash flow from ...
  8. Financial Analysis

    Understanding Pfizer's Capital Structure (PFE)

    Pfizer has managed to return capital with dividends and share buybacks under limited debt use while the business faced declining ...
  9. Financial Analysis

    Understanding Google's Capital Structure (GOOG)

    With Google becoming Alphabet, the company's internet business and other ventures remain the same under a capital structure ...
  10. Virtual Reality

    Understanding Facebook's Capital Structure (FB)

    Facebook's strong revenue and earnings have allowed solid expansion of the company's equity capitalization, resulting in ...
  11. Stocks

    C: How Citigroup's Stock Price Rose 19.48% in 6 Months

    Drivers such as growing loan volume, reduced loan-loss provision, and increased trading profit contributed to Citigroup's ...
  12. Financial Analysis

    Understanding Bank of America's Capital Structure (BAC)

    For banks, especially large banks such as Bank of America, capital structure has to both meet funding needs and satisfy the ...
  13. Financial Analysis

    Understanding Verizon's Capital Structure (VZ)

    Verizon has a highly leveraged capital structure, and this debt capitalization and the company's equity have affected its ...
  14. Stocks

    Why Bank of America Stock Is Lower Than Pre-Crisis (BAC)

    Rescued by the U.S. Government in 2009, Bank of America stock is still lower than it was before the Global Financial Crisis.
  15. Financial Analysis

    Understanding IBM's Capital Structure (IBM)

    The shift to the cloud is challenging IBM's traditional on-site server and software-installation business, pressuring its ...
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