• Been analyzing and writing about investing for 8+ years
  • Founder and CEO of a company that hedges global debt and equity
  • Experienced in trading options, forex, futures, and investing in equities and exchange-traded funds


Matt Rego began investing in the markets when he was 14 years old. An activity that started as a hobby became a passion and a career. Before he graduated high school, Matt was contributing his analysis of stocks and sharing his financial analysis with readers through several online outlets. He is a contributor to Seeking Alpha, ValueWalk.com, PFHub.com, 24hGold.com, EmergingGrowth.com, InvestorsNews.ca, and Blasting News.com.

He began contributing to Investopedia in 2015 and has over 75 articles appearing on the site. The book, The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google references Matt's work. His articles appear in syndication on Yahoo! Finance and as reposts on several websites.

In 2017, Matt founded and became CEO of his company, Spotlight Growth. The business is a digital hub and a content stream for connecting micro- and small-cap companies with crowdfunding and growth investors. He writes a regular newsletter about his analysis of various micro- and small-cap stocks.

Matt splits his time with his new company and working as an investor relations representative for J4 Advisors LLC. Before this time, he was a vice president of sales and marketing for Global Discovery Group, an international business consulting firm.


Matt earned his bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Minnesota.