Contributor for Investopedia, Writer and Producer


New School


  • 33+ years of background in banking and foreign exchange
  • Began her second career in writing and consulting in 2015
  • Voted a top writer at Quora and wrote and produced two feature films


Mara Lesemann began her first career in 1981 at Chemical Bank, rising to the level of Vice President. Here, she worked with sales and consulting on the foreign exchange. Mara moved briefly to Commerzbank and then on to KBC Bank, New York, where she remained for another 17 years as vice president. During this time, she worked with providing businesses with hedging advice, interest rate analysis, and foreign exchange information.

In 2011, Mara began her second career as a writer and producer of feature films. Her film credits include Detours and Surviving Family; screenplays in development include American Casino, Nine Deadly Sins, and Trinities.

However, Mara's writing is not limited to the entertainment realm. She began writing financial content for Investopedia in 2015. Mara has more than 20 articles to her credit. Her topics range from small business and stock analysis to cryptocurrency and virtual reality. She received the designation of a top writer in Quora in 2018.


Mara earned her Bachelor of Arts in media studies and film at the New School.