Damian Davila

Damian Davila

  • • 11+ years of experience as a freelance writer
  • • Has a background in real estate, research, marketing, and business
  • • 10+ years as a GMAT instructor


Personal finance writer and marketing specialist Damian lives and works in Honolulu, Hawaii. For the past decade, Damian, who holds an MBA from the University of Hawaii, has been writing for over 11 years about personal finance and marketing for a variety of clients. Besides writing for Investopedia.com, he is a regular contributor to WiseBread.com, where he covers a range of subjects from how to drive down credit card debt to the best ways to invest in the tech market. Time.com–Money Magazine, BusinessInsider.com, and Kiplinger.com republish Damian's articles.

Damian has worked as a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) instructor for more than 10 years with Kaplan Test Prep and The Princeton Review. He uses his knowledge to teach students the necessary skills to succeed in the exam, and in their careers.

His background in real estate, research, marketing, business, and diplomacy helps Damian connect with his readers and students, giving them the information which is most useful in their decision making processes.


Damian holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, and earned his Master of Business Administration at the University of Hawaii. He also holds a master's degree in educational technology.

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    Your initial $100 of bitcoin bought in 2011 is now worth $2,053,278.
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    Can personal loans be transferred to another person?

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    Are 401(k) withdrawals considered income?

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    Youku Tudou vs. YouTube: A Financial Comparison (YOKU, GOOG)

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  12. Real Estate

    Is It the Perfect Time for Emerging Markets Real Estate? (RWX, VNQI)

    Learn why the timing of an investment in real estate in an emerging economy is now right, and discover the risks investors ...
  13. Stocks

    eBay vs. DealDash: Comparing Auction Sites (EBAY, PYPL)

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    Google's 6 Most Profitable Lines of Business (GOOGL)

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    Dollar Shave Club Review: Is It Worth It?

    Learn about the business model of the Dollar Shave Club, and find out whether the razor subscription company is a worthwhile ...
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