Damian Davila

Damian Davila

Damian Davila is a personal finance writer living in sunny Honolulu, Hawaii. He writes about financial topics because he enjoys helping people save money.

His writing appears on many authoritative websites, such as Time.com, WiseBread.com, Kabbage.com, and BusinessInsider.com. Damian has been quoted in articles for Kiplinger.com, HawaiiBusiness.com, and BusinessWeek.com.

Born in Ecuador, Damian has traveled extensively and held positions in Mexico, Germany, Italy and the United States. He has a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance from the University of Alberta, a Masters in Educational Technology from a joint program between the Tecnologico de Monterrey and the University of British of Columbia, and a MBA from the University of Hawaii. Also, he has over 7 years of experience coaching business professionals to achieve their target GMAT scores.

Connect with Damian on Twitter and LinkedIn, check out his work on WiseBread, or visit his website DamianDavila.com


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  1. Forex & Currencies

    Dollar Shave Club Review: Is It Worth It?

    Learn about the business model of the Dollar Shave Club, and find out whether the razor subscription company is a worthwhile ...
  2. Retirement Savings

    Saving $100 Now Is Better Than Saving $1,000 In 10 Years

    Learn why it is better to save $100 every year starting right now rather than $1,000 in 10 years, and find out the benefits ...
  3. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    What Is the Lowest Credit Score?

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  4. Small Business

    Using Collateral to Obtain a Loan for Your Small Business

    Learn what assets can be used as collateral for an asset-based loan, and find out best practices when seeking asset-based ...
  5. Retirement Savings

    Can a 401(k) be taken in bankruptcy?

    Learn when your 401(k) is protected against garnishment in case of bankruptcy, and find out the instances in which a government ...
  6. Banking

    Top 5 Reasons Banks Won't Cash Your Check

    Learn the top reasons that a bank won't cash your check, and find out what steps you can take to prevent those scenarios ...
  7. Insurance

    Does the FDIC cover identity theft?

    Learn whether or not identify theft is covered by the FDIC, and find out what steps you can take to prevent or report identity ...
  8. Insurance

    Does renters insurance cover jewelry?

    Learn what kind of coverage renters insurance provides for your jewelry, and find out what steps you can take to optimize ...
  9. Insurance

    Why might landlords require renters insurance?

    Learn why landlords may require tenants have renters insurance, and find out what type of coverage landlords can request ...
  10. Insurance

    Is homeowners’ insurance tax deductible?

    Learn whether homeowners' insurance is tax-deductible, and find out about instances where you can deduct home insurance payments ...
  11. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Does Walmart take international credit cards?

    Learn how to use your international credit cards at Walmart stores and on Walmart's site, and find out how to ensure your ...
  12. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Can you use a Walmart credit card anywhere? (WMT)

    Learn where you can use a Walmart credit cards, and find out the details and services provided to Walmart credit card account ...
  13. Taxes

    Can the IRS withhold your tax refund?

    Learn about the instances in which the IRS can levy your federal and state income tax refunds, and find out how the levy ...
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