David Dierking

David Dierking

  • • Contributing writer to Seeking Alpha, ETFdb.com, ETF Trends, ETF Daily News and Dividend.com specializing in ETFs and dividend income strategies.
  • • 20+ years experience in the investment services industry.
  • • CFA Charterholder since 2004.



A veteran of the investment services industry since the mid-1990s, David has been writing about investment strategies using ETFs and mutual funds since 2007. Originally published in the Milwaukee Business Journal, he now contributes regularly for a half dozen investment websites, including Seeking Alpha, ETFdb.com, ETF Trends and ETF Daily News. He believes that investors don't need to pay exorbitant fees to brokers and financial advisors in order to receive unbiased investment advice and aims to educate investors on the benefits of developing low-cost, broadly diversified investment strategies.


David received his Bachelors in Finance from Michigan State University.

Quote from David

"It's hard to feel like you're getting unbiased investment advice when so much of that advice can be driven by commissions and fees that go to brokers and financial advisors. I like to be that unbiased source of information that looks to serve the best interests of investors without those conflicts of interest. Everybody, regardless of experience or affluence, deserves that!"

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