Freelance Writer, Founding Editor-in-Chief for Variable Product Specialist


Regis University


  • Formerly a senior and institutional trader for 10 years
  • Opened a media content firm targeting active traders in 1998
  • 20+ years of experience in writing financial content


After a more than 10-year career as a senior and institutional trader and analyst at several derivative and securities tradings firms, Louis Horkan decided to begin a career in financial journalism. He opened 3Mick Publishers LLC as the principal in 1998. 3Mick Publishers offers financial newsletters and other media content targeted to the active trader market.

Louis was the founding editor-in-chief for Variable Product Specialist, now Boomer Market Advisors and part of Wiesner Publishing. His background includes interviewing influential people in the financial services sectors, which can be found on and posting to's Day Trading platform. He continues to contribute to TheBalance, Work.Chron, PocketSense, Spencer Trask Company, and Investopedia. His work appears in syndication on Yahoo and in The New York Post online.


Louis earned his degree from Regis University.