Founder and Managing Editor of Moneycation


George Mason University, University of Missouri


  • Founder and managing editor of Moneycation™, a personal finance blog with over one million page views
  • Published on several platforms, publications include three books that offer practical insight on investments, business, and personal finance
  • Served on the Helium Inc. Editorial Advisory Board and has won the Global Post award for citizen journalism


Working under the pseudonym, A.W. Berry is a knowledgeable author and editor with primary focuses on real estate sales, financial services, financial education, and corporate documentation. A.W.'s articles appear on many platforms, including Investopedia, The Motley Fool, The Houston Chronicle, Consumer Media Network, the Global Post, eHow Money, and As the managing editor of Moneycation™, a personal finance blogging website with over one million page views, he connects businesses, financial bloggers, and writers. A.W. oversees thousands of financial articles and news updates which help educate and inform readers about current economic events. His larger works include three Moneycation™ books, The Guide to Personal Finance, The Guide to Business, and The Guide to Investing, which provide practical advice. Through his rich background of work, A.W. shares his sound experience on business and personal financing, marketing, investing and savings, and real estate.


A.W. holds a Graduate Certificate in forensic accounting and accounting from George Mason University School of Business, and earned his Master of Business Administration in finance and marketing from the University of Missouri.