Stephen Vita

  • • 30+ years of experience in the financial services industry and over 15 years of professional trading
  • • Created and managed an online blog newsletter of commentary and trading recommendations
  • • Writing is frequently cited in research and reposted in industry blogs


Stephen began working in the financial services sector in 1986. He started by writing marketing materials for the mutual fund industry but also wrote for insurance, and annuity products. Stephen's writing fueled what would become a life-long love affair with investments and trading as he amassed in-depth knowledge about these products. He soon caught the bug, becoming an avid trader, himself.

In mid-career, he returned to school and obtained his MBA in finance. He studied a wide range of asset classes, portfolio strategies, and trading techniques. Stephen became a portfolio manager (PM) and equity trading strategist for several registered financial advisors. He was responsible for client portfolio decisions, stock analysis reports, and recommendations during this time. In 2005, Stephen created and managed the Alchemy of Trading, LLC., a subscription newsletter and blog with commentary and trade recommendations. His site had over 200 paid subscribers and was commented on by Barron’s, WSJ Online, and Businessweek Online. Keep in mind that Stephen does not intend for any material on this blog to be construed as a recommendation or offer to buy or sell any security.

Stephen's writing career continues and is now his primary focus. He writes about international investment strategies, business insight, hedge funds, charter schools, retirement strategies, asset management, day trading, and mutual funds. His writing is frequently cited in research and reposted in industry blogs such as G.E.’s Energy Storage, Inner Circle Sports, and


Stephen received his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Pittsburgh, and earned his Master of Business Administration in Finance at the University of Colorado.

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    Will Airlines Keep Flying High in 2016?

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  12. Investing Strategy

    3 Long-Term Investing Strategies With Strong Track Records

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  13. Mutual Funds

    The 3 Best Downside Protection Equity Mutual Funds

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  14. Stocks

    The 5 Biggest Asset Managers at the End of 2015 (BLK)

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  15. FA Relevant

    Consumer Discretionary Vs. Consumer Staples in 2016

    Learn why understanding the seasonal tendencies of consumer discretionary and consumer staple sectors will help improve investors' ...
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