• • Over 6 years of experience as an author and freelance writer with contributions to major publications, such as The Motley Fool, Forbes, and Nasdaq
  • • Founder and CEO of Wall Street Playbook
  • • Subscriber to Warren Buffet's investment philosophy with 15+ years of experience trading and investing 


Richard Saintvilus has 6+ years of experience as an author and freelance finance and investment writer.  His works have appeared in The Motley Fool, Forbes, CNBC, and many other publications.  Before becoming a writer, Richard spent 20 years working in the IT industry in various roles, such as a system administrator and engineer. He employs conservative strategies to increase capital, while keeping a watchful eye on macro-economic events to mitigate downside risk.

Saintvilus' work has been featured on CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, Forbes, Motley Fool and numerous other outlets.He is an avid fan of Warren Buffet’s investing style and has over 15 years of experience trading and investing.  He couples his experience in technology with his passion for investing and trading to write about the investor’s perspective of the tech industry.  In 2012, he founded the Wall Street Playbook, a platform for investment research.  Today, Richard is an active contributor for Nasdaq.

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