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Colagrossi Media


  • 4+ years of experience as a financial writer
  • Founder of a business that offers customized media and analytics to clients
  • Became a contributor to Investopedia in 2016


Mike Colagrossi has more than four years of experience creating financial content for the online audience. He began financial blogging in 2014 as he worked with Alternative Investment Coach. Colagrossi provided analysis and information on alternative investment ideas for the firm. In 2015, he became the managing director of Activist Stocks. Activist Stocks is a subscription-based, boutique investment research and media outlet firm. It reports on actionable ideas and offers its members a quarterly newsletter and blog. In 2016, Colagrossi founded Colagrossi Media, a firm offering customized media content and analytics.

Colagrossi became a contributor to Investopedia in 2016. He researches and writes about company and sector analysis, as well as investing ideas. An example of his work includes "Investing in India: The Next Frontier?" Here he looks at the demographics of the emerging Indian market and discusses investment opportunities and governmental encouragement.


Mike is a self-taught analyst and investor.