Co-founder and CEO


Stephen F. Austin State University

Company Info

FareCompare LP


  • Recognized expert on the travel industry and airfare analyst with 24+ years of experience using computer software to analyze information
  • CEO of three competitive market analyzing companies
  • Columnist with 13+ years of experience in writing for the online community


Rick Seaney has over 24 years of experience using computer software to analyze information. He is a recognized expert on the travel industry and the definitive source of airfare analysis.

Rick is the chief executive officer (CEO) of 3Victors and FareCompare LP. His 3Victors company uses a proprietary platform of algorithms to compare more than 200 million daily, worldwide flight requests to generate actionable intelligence. 3Victors provides a data repository that lets customers analyze the competitive and market landscape of airfare data and marketing travel offers.

He is also co-founder and CEO of FareCompare LP, a comparison shopping site for airline tickets and travel services. It is a leader in travel meta-search engines. The mission of the company is to empower customers to have confidence making decisions when purchasing flights. They provide access to the best airfares by analyzing recent and historical travel data. In 1999, Rick co-founded XXI Technologies with FareCompare co-founder Graeme Wallace.

Rick writes weekly columns for ABCNews and USA Today. His expertise appears in the pages of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post; his writings also appear as reposts on many travel sites. For Investopedia, he writes about travel, budgets, and savings.


Rick earned his Bachelor of Science in Calculator Science and mathematics from Stephen F. Austin State University.