• 11+ years of experience in the education technology software space, having founded SlideRoom and later Learning Machine
  • Raised over $3 million for Learning Machine
  • Notable blockchain technology advocate with numerous videos across the web based on his presentation and lectures


Chris Jagers is the founder and CEO of Learning Machine, which uses blockchain for decentralized verification of diplomas and other documents. The blockchain startup helps put documents on the blockchain, helping reduce forgery. Last year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology partnered with Learning Machine. Learning Machine raised $3 million in May 2018 during its seed round, taking money from the likes of PTB Ventures and Learn Capital.

Chris's previous company SlideRoom, a platform for evaluating college admissions that he founded in 2007, helped him build a partnership with MIT. Chris ultimately had an office at the MIT campus before selling the company. He has been quoted by the likes of TechCrunch and Bitcoin Magazine, and has a number of notable videos across the web, where he’s made various presentations and lectures about blockchain technology.


Chris completed his undergraduate work at Southern Methodist University and graduate level work at the University of Washington.