• 25+ years of experience as a financial journalist, author of four books, and numerous journalism awards
  • Broke many stories, including that Donald Trump was deeply in the red, for Business Week
  • Launched Weekend Investor at the Wall Street Journal, wrote and edited dozens of cover stories for Forbes, and created consumer website AdviceIQ


Larry Light is a highly skilled reporter and editor. He has built organizations and knows how to be a leader. He has a deep knowledge of finance and economics. He writes very well, and as an editor, he knows how to bring out the best in people. He has worked at some of the premier journalism organizations in the world: Business Week, Forbes, Money, The Wall Street Journal, and CBS MoneyWatch. He is known for his contrarian spirit, as any story he writes likely will feature a different take on the subject from what the conventional wisdom is.


 Larry earned his bachelor's degree in English at Lafayette College.

Quote from Larry Light

"A lot of people don't know about finance and don't want to know, which is to their detriment. I believe that this vital knowledge can be passed on in an entertaining and digestible way. And readers will benefit. That's what journalism is about: telling folks important stuff they don't know."