Aaron Hankin

Aaron is a staff writer at Investopedia covering everything from company news to macro-economic trends. After nine years in banking, Aaron turned to reporting, graduating from New York University with a Master’s in Business and Economic Reporting. 

  1. Markets & Economy

    Bank Stocks Set to Shine as Fed Tapering Begins

    As the Fed embarks on a monumental shift in policy, Goldman Sachs sees value in financials.
  2. Markets & Economy

    Is A Bear Market On Its Way? Only On Paper: Goldman Sachs

    It may look like trouble ahead but don't be concerned, Goldman Sachs says.
  3. Stocks

    Tesla To Fall 27 Percent: Jefferies

    NY Based Jefferies has slashed its price target of Tesla to $280.
  4. Stocks

    How Amazon Will Be Worth $1.6 Trillion in Less Than a Decade

    It could be a tricky path to $1 trillion for Amazon, but not impossible.
  5. Stocks

    AMD, Nvidia Push Semiconductor Revenue Above $100 Billion

    The cryptocurrency boom has pushed semiconductor revenue to record levels.
  6. Stocks

    S&P 500 Could Fall 60%: Hussman

    While historically high, fundamentals, cash distribution, and valuation are drastically slowing.
  7. Buzz & Trending

    Americans Would Save $2.2 Billion If They Did All Their Shopping Online

    Deflation is not as bad as it sounds: just ask online shoppers.
  8. Stocks

    Insider Stock Selling Explained: The Nvidia Corp. Case

    As insiders sell Nvidia, should shareholders be concerned?
  9. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin Is a Speculative Bubble, Billionaire Investor Says

    Billionaire investor remains incredulous on the cryptocurrency crave.
  10. Chart Strategy

    The S&P 500 Is 300 Days Above Its 200-Day Moving Average

    The S&P 500 has closed above its 200-day moving average for over 300 trading days, making it the 15th longest streak ...
  11. Stocks

    How To Invest During Global Uncertainty

    Despite weakness in stocks, there are ways to protect your portfolio.
  12. Stocks

    The 'September Effect' Is Real: Bespoke Investment Group

    With geopolitical tensions reaching a tipping point, some see another bleak month ahead.
  13. Stocks

    Semiconductor Sector Haunts Short Sellers

    Short sellers load up on semiconductor stocks, but losses grow.
  14. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin Could Reach $50,000: Wall Street Analyst

    As supply slows, one analyst thinks Bitcoin price could surge.
  15. Stocks

    Tesla Shorts Take a $600 Million Hit

    The electric car maker continues to be thorn in side of short sellers.