David Garrity

David Garrity

David Garrity is Principal of GVA Research, a New York-based consulting firm. He has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He has served in many senior roles including CFO and Board Director for both publicly-held and private companies, and has extensive experience in several disciplines including advisory, operating and research. David is a thought leader in technology sector developments and their application to the broadening of the financial sector, as well as in the areas of banking and finance, capital markets, and technology innovation. He is a sought-after advisor for technology companies and consults with The World Bank Group on financial inclusion and mobile technology, as well as the development of technology strategy for health initiatives in southern Africa. His paper on mobile money and disaster relief is published in "Technologies for Development: What is Essential?" (Springer Verlag, June 2015). You can find him on LinkedIn here and follow him on Twitter @GVAResearch.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence

    Do Humans Have The Capacity For Safe Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    Artificial Intelligence has become more and more present in our daily lives, but how worried should we be about our ability ...
  2. Tech

    Alphabet to Launch 'Android Messages' to Challenge iMessage, FB Messenger (GOOGL, FB)

    After a slow start, Alphabet wants a big bite of the mobile messaging business
  3. Big Data

    Don't Blame Big Data for Pollsters' Failings (AAPL, GOOGL)

    As it turned out, listening to a wider set of data played a role in the Trump victory, but the pollsters need to catch up ...
  4. Company Insights

    Cable Veteran Leo Hindery Jr. Casts Doubt on AT&T/Time Warner Merger (T, TWX)

    The former CEO of TCI and Liberty Media joins a growing group of skeptics who warn regulatory hurdles will doom the merger ...
  5. Stocks

    Who Benefits From Presidential Campaign Ads? Facebook (FB)

    Everyone knows lots of dollars flow to political and presidential campaign ads. Here's how Facebook is winning big in this ...
  6. Investing Strategy

    Is the Presidential Election Really Hackable?

    Electronic voting booths need upgrades, but 3/4s of the country still votes on paper.
  7. Cybersecurity

    Hacker Assaults on DNC Show Importance of Cyber Security

    Investopedia tech columnist David Garrity notes that if a U.S. Presidential election is fair game to cyber warfare, one can ...
  8. Investing Strategy

    Quantum is Coming (GOOGL,MSFT,INTC)

    Alphabet's forthcoming Chrome Canary browser is just the "canary" in the coalmine--quantum computing is coming faster than ...
  9. Markets & Economy

    El-Erian on the New World Order: Interview

    Dr. Mohamed El-Erian sat down with Investopedia columnist David Garrity to discuss how investors can prepare for a drastically ...
  10. Stocks

    How BlackBerry Can Save Itself (BBRY)

    Tech columnist David Garrity gives his take on why BlackBerry should change its focus.
  11. Budgeting & Savings

    Could Tesla Attain a $700B Valuation by 2031? (TSLA)

    Investopedia columnist David Garrity weighs in on one billionaire's surprising claim.
  12. Artificial Intelligence

    When Will Apple Step Up to the AI Challenge (AAPL)?

    Look to Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, kicking off 6/13/16, for an answer.
  13. Cybersecurity

    Internet of Things Makes Privacy a Big Investment Op

    Investopedia's tech columnist David Garrity on why investors are turning toward the Internet of Things, and where the best ...
  14. Cybersecurity

    Smartphone Decline Hurts Another Tech Sector Driver

    Tech columnist David Garrity weighs in on what slowing smartphone sales mean, the Chinese government's role in the economy, ...
  15. Artificial Intelligence

    Facebook Messenger's AI Bots Make Ads Your Friend (FB)

    Facebook's F8 developer conference announced the integration of Artifical Intelligence (AI) "bots" within FB Messenger, but ...
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