Founder and CEO


  • Founder and CEO of the Craig Anthony Group LLC, where he works as a consultant
  • Certified Financial Adviser (CFA) since 2010
  • Has written for Investopedia since 2016 and authored four books about investing


Craig Anthony, CFA, is the founder and CEO of the Craig Anthony Group LLC, where he works as a consultant since 2011. His boutique consulting practice targets high-net-worth investors. Anthony advises his clients on strategic and tactical asset allocation, investment selection, cash flow planning, retirement planning, tax, risk, and estate planning. He is also a Swift programmer and developed a game for use on iPhones.

Anthony contributes financial articles to Investopedia and He writes about personal lending and banking, taxes, insurance, and investing in stocks, currencies, mutual funds, and options. Anthony also contributes articles about financial advising, risks, and market volatility. You will see his Investopedia work referenced in industry-specific blogs, in newsletters, and in syndication on Yahoo Finance, and reposts on Flipboard. 

Anthony is the author of four books: Money, Sex, and Focus (2012), A Simple Plan for Building Wealth, (2015), An Old Man and A Gentleman: How to be Rich or How to be Poor (2016), and The Millionaire Manifesto (2017).


Craig holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and the FINRA Series 65.