TK McDonald

TK McDonald has worked as a Financial Advisor for the military for past 13 years. She has taught Personal Financial classes on every subject from credit, to life insurance, as well as all other aspects of financial management. Ms. McDonald is an AFCPE Accredited Financial Counselor and has helped her clients to meet their short-term and long-term financial goals.

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  1. Stocks

    Caterpillar: 6 Things You May Not Know

    There's more to the Deerfield-based manufacturer than its signature yellow farm equipment.
  2. Commodities

    Top 5 Companies Owned By GE (GE)

    With GE's flagship power segment tanking, these five segments are more important than ever to GE's bottom line.
  3. Budgeting & Savings

    Tesla Stock: Capital Structure Analysis (TSLA)

    Learn why Tesla’s capital structure may be working against its ability to continue to raise funds for its electric vehicle ...
  4. Buzz & Trending

    The Cost of Buying a Subway Franchise

    Learn about the costs of franchising a Subway restaurant and all that goes along with becoming an entrepreneur in the restaurant ...
  5. Career / Compensation

    10 Companies That Will Pay for Your MBA (BAC, WFC)

    Discover ten institutions of higher learning that are willing to help finance your MBA in exchange for your commitment to ...
  6. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    NVR Mortgage Reviews: What You Need to Know (NVR)

    Explore NVR Mortgage, and learn why a combination lender-builder mortgage company might be a good choice for financing a ...
  7. Markets & Economy

    How Corrupt Is Venezuela? An Inside Look

    Learn more about the corruption level in Venezuela and how it could affect your investments if you decide to invest in the ...
  8. Retirement

    3 401(k)s With the Lowest Expense Ratios

    Discover how to Identify the fees and expenses associated with 401k investing and how it will affect your bottom line in ...
  9. Asset Allocation

    Overview of BlackRock's Money Market Fund (PINXX)

    Find out if the BlackRock Taxable Money Market fund PINXX is the right investment for your portfolio to ensure growth in ...
  10. Company Insights

    Top 4 Companies that Consolidate Private Student Loans (CFG)

    Consolidating your student loans can save you money.
  11. Virtual Reality

    GoPro: 5 Secrets You Didn't Know (GPRO)

    Little-known facts behind the GoPro story.
  12. Buzz & Trending

    The Cost of Buying a Taco Bell Franchise (YUM)

    A Taco Bell franchise is one of the most expensive to buy and operate in the fast food business.
  13. ETFs

    How Risky Is Growth Investing?

    Discover how to identify high-growth investment strategies to outperform standard market returns and to help your profits ...
  14. Mutual Funds

    Overview of 3 Top Global Equity Mutual Funds (MINDX, DRIOX)

    Learn about the top three global equity mutual funds you should consider having in your portfolio for 2016 to add international ...
  15. Real Estate

    Detroit's Rising Housing Market

    Discover how Detroit has turned its bankruptcy and declining real estate situation around to become a real estate market ...
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