• 15+ years of experience as a writer, strategist, and communications consultant
  • 2006 media lead for the JCF-SF during the Israel-Lebanon War
  • Former editor of a Middle-East threat analysis for a Washington D.C. think tank


For more than 15 years, Beth has worked as a freelance writer, strategist, and communications consultant, covering topics related to criminal justice, politics, and finance. Her portfolio of work includes an internship for the San Francisco District Attorney's office, being media lead for the JCF-SF during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon War, editing award-winning legal campaigns, and writing various content for blogs, publications, and websites, such as TransUnion.org, Quickbooks, and Ehow. Her writings cover a wide range of subjects, including real estate, legal issues, cyber crimes, personal finance, asset management, and much more.


Beth earned a BBA in marketing from Temple University.