David Cay Johnston

David Cay Johnston

  • • Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter and best selling author
  • • Taught and lectured at universities across the globe
  • • Former president of Investigative Reporters & Editors


For eight years, David taught the business, property, and tax law of the ancient world at Syracuse University’s law and graduate business schools. He also taught at the University of Southern California for eight years and at UCLA Extension and has lectured at colleges from east China to Europe. He has lectured on every continent except Antarctica about tax policy, business regulation, ethics, investigative reporting, and the art of interviewing.

David's innovative coverage of tax issues in The New York Times prompted tax policy changes by Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush that Congress valued at more than $250 billion in the first ten years. He is also co-founder and chairman emeritus of a lodging management company. David was a consultant on electricity regulation and rare earths for the Netflix series House of Cards.

His bestsellers include The Making of Donald Trump (2016) and It's Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America (2018). David also wrote a best selling trilogy on the American economy – Perfectly Legal (taxes), Free Lunch (subsidies), and The Fine Print (monopolies) – as well as a 1992 casino industry exposé, Temples of Chance. He edited the anthology Divided: The Perils of Our Growing Inequality. His next book will propose a completely new federal tax code that implies and repurposes existing law.

In addition to a 2001 Pulitzer Prize, David's book Perfectly Legal received the 2004 Investigative Book of the Year award with a medal from IRE; a 1982 George Polk Award for exposing LAPD political spying, and numerous other awards from journalism organizations, accounting and business schools and others. He was a 1973 Urban Journalism Fellow at the University of Chicago where studied for two quarters in its graduate school of economics.

At age 18, David was recruited by the San Jose Mercury, where at age 19 he became a front page staff writer. Over the next 40 years he reported for that paper, the Detroit Free Press, Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and The New York Times. He was later columnist for Reuters, Tax Notes and other organizations.

He is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of DCReport.org, which covers what the Trump administration and Congress do, not what politicians say.

Quote from David

"Explaining in plain English complex issues of economics, accounting, regulation, and taxes forms the core of my work, from news articles and reported opinion columns to my bestselling books and my teaching. Combining that with my lifelong passion for digging out hidden facts and imbuing them with meaning so people better understand these issues is what I enjoy most and hope is most useful to my readers."

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    Opinion: In Fact, Taxing the Rich Can Help the Economy

    Real-life lessons from Kansas and California.
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    Opinion: Get Ready for Donald Trump’s Electric Rates Shocker

    The obscure, but powerful, reasons you soon may be paying more for electricity.
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    Opinion: Donald Trump Is a Clear and Present Danger

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    Opinion: Why Corporate Tax Cuts Won't Make America Grow

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    Opinion: Trump's 'Tax Reform' Plan: The Rich Get Richer, You Get Screwed

    For those with money to burn, there will be more of it. For everyone else, not so much.
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    Opinion: Make Accounting's Big Four Accountable

    The latest accounting world scandal at KPMG is a symptom of a much deeper sickness in how the Big Four do business. There ...
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    Opinion: 3 More Signs Donald Trump Couldn't Care Less About American Citizens or Standards

    Because he won the election, he keeps saying, the nation’s laws and his own promises no longer apply. This won’t end well.
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    Triumph of the Super-Rich: 99% of the 1% Also Left Behind (Opinion)

    Only the super-rich really made out like bandits and Trump is one of them. What Americans need to know before tax changes ...
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    Opinion: Donald Trump's 'Blind' Trust Sees No Evil

    The framers of our Constitution were fully aware of European monarchs – like Trump, kings of debt – who were secretly on ...
  10. Taxes

    Trump-Branded Taxes - Another Luxury Product (Opinion)

    Trump's tax plan offers less and less to most taxpayers – and more and more to the top tier.
  11. Politics & Money

    Opinion: Will Donald Trump's Tax Reforms Reform Anything?

    Unless they're massively different from what we've heard so far, Trump's Tax reforms won't fix what's wrong with our taxes.
  12. Politics & Money

    Trump 'Short-Pays' Military, Other Fed Workers

    Retirement fund-payments are legally part of your paycheck, even if you work for the federal government.
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    Opinion: Obamacare Repeal – Cruel, Costly, Corporate

    Let’s call this legislation what it is: The Create More Orphans and Widows Act of 2017.
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    Opinion: Trump's Lament That He 'Inherited a Mess' of an Economy? False! Sad!

    So much for The Donald’s ‘Crippled America,’ as new numbers show incomes soaring under Obama.
  15. Politics & Money

    Opinion: Trump's Math Needs a Recount

    In a speech with almost no specifics to speak of, Trump somehow managed to get the numbers wrong.
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