Alexandra Twin

Alexandra Twin

  • • 15+ years as an editor and writer covering financial news for public and private companies
  • • Freelance writer/editor for Time Warner, MassMutual and other private companies
  • • Former Associate Producer/Senior Writer at CNNMoney


A writer and editor for over 15 years, Alexandra began covering business and employment for a job search database before arguing into writing, researching and reporting on business for CNN’s financial web site, CNNMoney, for 11 years. At CNN, she was a financial reporter and senior journalist. After leaving CNNMoney, Alexandra has freelanced for a number of publications and private companies, including MassMutual.


Alexandra received her Bachelors from the University of Michigan with a degree in Communications.

Quote from Alexandra

"I like taking complex concepts and helping to articulate them in ways that are clear and concise for all readers."

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