• Nearly two years of experience as a financial consultant and broker with Charles Schwab
  • 9+ years of leadership and analysis experience as an officer in the U.S. Army and Reserves
  • Used her extensive analysis experience to review business risk exposure


Mary Conroy spent over nine years as an officer in the United States Army and the Army Reserves. During her service, she worked with strategic intelligence analyzing funding sources of local terrorist networks and anti-state organizations, senior Iraqi leadership, and assessing battle damage. This activity sparked her interest in the financial industry.

In the civilian sphere, Mary had the opportunity to use her expertise in analysis through her work with Charles Schwab as a financial consultant and broker. During her work with the Goldman Sachs’ Internal Audit Department, she gained greater insight on the rules and regulations governing the global financial industry. Mary also helped review business risk exposure with Lowery and Associates.

Her writing includes articles directed at veterans, as well as extensive work covering investing, mortgage lending, credit cards, and financial advice.


Mary earned her Master of Business Administration with a specialization in compliance, risk, and anti-money laundering from the University of South Florida.