Tim Smith

  • • 15+ years of experience in the financial services industry
  • • Worked for prominent investment banks including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley
  • • Currently a professional trader and freelance financial writer with a keen interest in developing trading algorithms


Tim uses his skill and judgment gained in the financial services industry to help educate readers about current trends and issues facing the markets. His valuable insight assists investors and traders to understand the current market conditions and implement appropriate strategies that maximize returns and minimize risk. Whether it's explaining a simple financial term or detailing a complex trading strategy, Tim will help investors navigate the ever-evolving financial markets.

His commercial experience trading stocks, exchange-traded funds and forex help clients to leverage his knowledge and seize opportunities in the market. Tim also has a keen interest in developing trading algorithms. See his live algorithmic trading results here.


Tim received his Bachelor's of Commerce from Deakin University.

Quote from Tim

"I enjoy helping investors to make more informed investment decisions and encourage them to reach out if they want further assistance."

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  1. Stocks

    Top 5 Animal Stocks of 2016 (ZTS, HSIC)

    Consumers have substantially increased spending on animals between 2010 and 2016. These five animal-related stocks are positioned ...
  2. Stocks

    Top 5 Textile Stocks of 2016 (HBI, AIN)

    The textile industry has recovered significantly since the Great Recession. These five top textile stocks are well positioned ...
  3. Stocks

    Top 5 Construction Stocks of 2016 (FLR, JEC)

    Public construction spending in the United States is likely to increase in 2016 and beyond. These five construction stocks ...
  4. Stocks

    Top 5 Utilities Stocks of 2016 (DUK, EXC)

    Learn why utilities stocks have performed strongly in the first half of 2016. Explore five utilities companies likely to ...
  5. Commodities

    How Financial Spread-Betting Companies Make Money (IGGHY)

    How to evaluate spread-betting companies and find the right broker.
  6. Stocks

    Top 5 Automobile Stocks of 2016 (F, GM)

    Low rates, cheap gas, available credit and an improving economy should drive sales for these five industry leaders in 2 ...
  7. Financial Technology

    4 Fintech Firms Emerging in San Francisco (PYPL, BBVA)

    Learn why fintech companies are prospering, and discover three emerging companies in this realm that are located in the San ...
  8. Stocks

    Top Travel Industry Stocks in 2016 (DAL, WYN)

    Discover the two generations driving the travel industry. Review four travel-related stocks that are well positioned to meet ...
  9. Stocks

    Top 5 Apparel Stocks of 2016 (GPS, VFC)

    The global apparel market is worth more than $1 trillion in 2016. These five companies sell some of the world’s most recognized ...
  10. Stocks

    Top 5 Housing Stocks of 2016 (TOL, DHI)

    Discover what factors are supporting the housing market in 2016. Explore five housing stocks that are well positioned to ...
  11. Stocks

    Top 5 Mining Stocks of 2016 (BHP, RIO)

    Mining stocks have performed strongly in the first half of 2016 as commodity prices have improved. These five stocks are ...
  12. Mutual Funds

    The Top 4 Schwab Mutual Funds in 2016 (APPL, MSFT)

    U.S. large-capitalization stocks have performed well in 2016. These four Schwab mutual funds provide ample exposure to the ...
  13. Mutual Funds

    FPHAX, FSMEX: Mutual Funds to Invest With Aging Population

    Learn about the aging population and their needs and wants. Discover 2 mutual funds that can be used to gain exposure to ...
  14. Stocks

    Top 5 Grocery Stocks of 2016 (KR, WFM)

    Learn why grocery stocks are often overlooked by investors. Explore five grocery companies that may be suitable defensive ...
  15. Stocks

    Top 5 Agriculture Stocks of 2016 (POT, ADM)

    The stocks with roots in the Ag business, appear well-positioned to grow with the population.
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