Bar-Ilan University, Walden University


  • Began freelance financial writing around 2008, and her work has taken her to three continents
  • Has a background in international research, marketing, and sales
  • Worked for 22+ years as a radio host


Leah had a 22-year career as a radio host before she began to work as a freelance financial writer. Leah hosted a show on 107.1FM about identity economics. Identity economics is the idea that a person makes financial decisions based on both the monetary aspect and which aligns to their self-identity.

She began freelance writing around 2008. Since that time, she has traveled three continents, and her work appears in circulation in Germany, Central America, the United Kingdom, Norway, Russia, Australia, Iran, Turkey, Israel, and the United States. Leah's work centers on the financial sphere as she writes about technological issues, cryptocurrency, blockchain, artificial intelligence, money transfers, and the Internet of things (IoT).

She is a technology writer for Intellicore Design Consulting, a technical consulting firm, covers tech and finance for NewsReps AB, an app-based news stream, develops content for True North Companies, a private investment firm, and writes marketing content for Inbound Norway AS, a marketing and advertising firm. Leah also has her finger on the pulse of the cryptocurrency world. She is a staff writer at Bitcoin information hub,, writes about blockchain for, and works with crypto-related topic guides at

Leah is a professional writer and researcher. She is certified in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM), crisis counseling, technical writing, and psychology. She began writing for Investopedia in 2016. Here, her topics include credit cards, credit scores, budgeting, cybersecurity, insurance, and people in the news.


Leah received her Master of Arts with honors in philosophy and logic from Bar-Ilan University and earned her Doctor of Philosophy in behavior neuroscience at Walden University.