Freelance Financial Writer


  • Nearly 20 years of experience in the finance industry
  • Freelance financial writer since 2014
  • Writing specializes in ecommerce, financial technical business, and cryptocurrencies


Working as a freelance writer is a second career for Celan Bryant. During her first career, she obtained five years of experience in investment banking and corporate finance. Celan worked with General Electric Medical Systems, FreddieMac, CitiGroup, SunTrust Bank, Intel, and JPMorgan in this first phase of her career life.

She became a freelance writer around 2014 and writes productively on many topics, including business, forex, company insight, government and monetary policy, mortgages and credit, banking and venture capital, ecommerce, and cryptocurrencies. She believes in and encourages sustainable business practices—helping businesses find a balance between their profits, their customers and employees, and being environmentally sound. Celan has contributed to, Seeking Alpha, The Motley Fool, AOL,,, and Investopedia. She wishes for her work to be free and available to the public.


Celan has a Master of Business Administration degree with a focus on finance.