Celan Bryant

Celan Bryant started her career working for two top-tier investment banks before migrating to the corporate finance arena. After completing a fellowship at Harvard University, she began a career in financial writing with a focus on sustainable business models.

Ms. Bryant has an MBA with a concentration in finance and over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. Celan is currently working on several research papers, including her first book on the impact of Dodd-Frank on banking profitability. Follow Celan on Twitter.

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  1. Small Business

    Human capital vs. physical capital: What is the difference?

    Learn the difference between physical capital and human capital. How to find the value of each type of capital in a company's ...
  2. Forex & Currencies

    Does Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) Add to Inequality?

    Learn about quantitative easing (QE) and whether or not this new central banking policy tool plays a role in helping or hindering ...
  3. Company Insights

    Top 5 Shareholders of Monsanto (MON)

    Monsanto shareholders make up a mix of individuals, mutual funds and institutions, with institutions holding the bulk of ...
  4. Company Insights

    Who Is Driving Coca-Cola's Management Team? (KO)

    The Coca-Cola Company lists over 15 executive officers in its annual report, but only a handful of key executives are really ...
  5. Financial Technology

    Venmo Is Not a Scam: Here Is Why (PYPL)

    Venmo is a service that allows users to send and receive money, but some are finding the promise of quick payments to be ...
  6. International / Global

    Brexit: Are the Rich Getting Sick of the Poor - and vice-versa?

    The decision to leave the EU underscored the growing gap between the wealthy and everyone else.
  7. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    SunTrust Mortgage Reviews: What You Need to Know (STI)

    Discover which mortgages SunTrust offers and how the average person obtaining a loan at SunTrust rates the bank on customer ...
  8. Credit, Loans & Mortgages

    Ditech Mortgage Reviews: What You Need to Know (WAC)

    Discover the home mortgage products offered by Ditech Financial. Learn how average borrowers rate the bank on the loan application ...
  9. Financial Analysis

    McDonald's Stock: Capital Structure Analysis (MCD)

    Learn about the importance of capital structure, and what equity and debt capitalization measures can tell us about the performance ...
  10. Financial Analysis

    Target Corp: WACC Analysis (TGT)

    Learn about the importance of capital structure when making investment decisions, and how Target's capital structure compares ...
  11. Financial Analysis

    Ford Stock: Capital Structure Analysis (F)

    Learn where Ford is on its road to financial recovery, and how the company's capital structure contributes to the risk profile ...
  12. Financial Analysis

    Sprint Stock: Capital Structure Analysis (S)

    Learn about Sprint's capital structure and how trends in pricing impact the company's market capitalization and enterprise ...
  13. Financial Analysis

    Yahoo Stock: Capital Structure Analysis (YHOO)

    Learn about Yahoo's capital structure, including whether or not a decline in year-over-year earnings is leading the company ...
  14. Financial Analysis

    GM Stock: Capital Structure Analysis

    Learn why GM's enterprise value increased, and get an update on the company's capital structure, including equity and debt ...
  15. Financial Analysis

    IBM Stock: Capital Structure Analysis

    Learn about IBM's capital structure and why its market debt-to-equity ratio is lower than the rest of the industry, even ...
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