Joel Baglole

  • • Former staff reporter at The Wall Street Journal and Toronto Star newspapers
  • • 20+ years of financial journalism experience in both print and online
  • • Principal owner of consulting firm Capital Communications based in Ottawa, Canada


Joel is a former staff reporter of The Wall Street Journal. Based in Canada and Asia, Joel has written articles from Iceland to Indonesia, and covered topics ranging from macroeconomics and stock market regulation to the airline and high-tech sectors. He has also written for The Toronto Star newspaper and Maclean's magazine in his native Canada. Joel currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Joel received his master's degree in journalism from Carleton University.

Quote from Joel

"Being financially literate is, arguably, more important today than at any time in the past. Understanding everyday financial issues - from the interest rate charged on a home mortgage to the fine print on a car lease - helps people to make informed decisions that benefit and protect them. It is a privilege to provide this helpful information to those who seek it out."

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