Caleb Silver

Caleb Silver is the Editor-in-Chief of Investopedia and an award-winning media executive with 20 years of experience in broadcast news, digital video programming, documentaries, live events and branded content. In 2014, he formed Frog Pond Productions, a New York based production and consulting company that produces and sells television and digital content for cable and broadcast networks, and consults with major media companies and investment firms.

Prior to that he was the Director of Business News for CNN and worked for the network for ten years in a variety of executive and management roles. He was the Executive Producer for, where he helped launch the CNNMoney Video Network. He was also a Sr. Producer on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Silver began his business journalism career at Bloomberg News in 1997, where he worked as a senior television producer for 8 years. He is a graduate of NYU’s Carter Journalism Institute and Colgate University. He lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.


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  1. Stocks

    A Stock Sell-Off Vocabulary Guide

    When stocks sell-off, a whole bunch of new financial terms start popping up that you may not be familiar with. Here's our ...
  2. Investing Strategy

    Market Volatility Prompts Massive Swing in VIX Futures

    Recent market volatility has caused traders to make record bets on the Volatility Index, which is a good sign to fasten your ...
  3. 401(k)

    Timing Markets With 401(k) Stocks? Bad Idea

    This week's sell-off has prompted investors to start selling stocks in their 401(k)'s as they try to time the market. That's ...
  4. Buzz & Trending

    Top Searched Terms During Monday's Sell-Off

    Monday's historical sell-off had investors on edge and seeking answers on Investopedia to some very interesting questions. ...
  5. Stocks

    Apple Shares Officially In a Correction

    Shares of Apple have fallen 10% from their recent and all-time highs as investors cast doubts on the company's ability to ...
  6. Stocks

    Here's What People Were Searching for During the State of the Union

    As President Trump talked about the tax bill, infrastructure plan and immigration reform, this is what our readers were interested ...
  7. Stocks

    Swallowing a Market Selloff

    After an intense three week rally to start the year, markets are selling off causing investors to question their fortune.
  8. Investing

    Investopedia's Top Searched Terms of 2017

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency may have stolen headlines in 2017, but there was no shortage of news and competition for investors' ...
  9. Investing

    Higher Highs for Stocks, Again!

    Major stock markets and indices have reached record highs again in what has been the least volatile year in history.
  10. FA Profession

    Charles Schwab IMPACT 2017 Conference Reflections

    The Schwab IMPACT 2017 conference held this past week in Chicago was the event of the year for investment advisors, financial ...
  11. Stocks

    Charles Schwab Upbeat as Impact Conference Kicks off

    Charles Schwab's top investment strategists remain bullish as the Schwab Impact conference kicks off in Chicago.
  12. Career / Compensation

    Good News for Finance Job Seekers

    2017 has been a strong year for job growth in the business and financial sectors of the economy
  13. Stocks

    Analysts are Way Bullish on Facebook

    Equity analysts have set high price targets for Facebook ahead of the company's third-quarter earnings report today
  14. Investing

    Living in a 4% World

    BlackRock and Vanguard are telling investors to expect 4% returns from the market over the next decade. With U.S. markets ...
  15. Stocks

    Today in Market History, the DJIA bottomed in 2002

    On October 10th, 2002, the Dow Jones Industrial Average bottomed from its 2000 highs, falling nearly 40%. The next 6 years ...
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