• Editor-in-chief of Investopedia
  • Board of Governors and Executive Committee, SABEW (Society for Advancing Business Editing & Writing)
  • Awards include a Peabody, EPPY, SABEW Best in Business, and two Emmy nominations


Caleb Silver is a business news journalist and Investopedia's Editor in Chief. He began his career as a documentary producer, but was quickly swept into covering business news for Bloomberg as the dot-com bubble was growing. He went to CNN to run its business news coverage and spent 10 years at the network in a variety of executive capacities, including the executive producer for CNNMoney, the director of business news, and senior producer on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Caleb came to Investopedia in 2016 because he was fascinated with the website, having been a user for more than ten years.

Caleb is frequently featured as a markets, economic and consumer trends expert on NBC, MSNBC, ABC Radio, Marketplace Radio and Cheddar TV, in addition to his markets commentary in his daily newsletters. 


Caleb received his Bachelor of Arts in art and art history from Colgate University, and received his Master of Arts in journalism at New York University.

Quote from Caleb Silver

"Charlie Munger, who runs Berkshire Hathaway with Warren Buffett, once told me that he has no patience in life for people who don't have the capacity to change. I think about this as an investor and as an editor every day. The world changes, and history rarely repeats itself in the investing and finance realms. Every situation and era is unique, and we need to be able to adapt as investors if we want to realize our goals."