Charlotte Wold

Charlotte Wold

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  1. People

    Seven Decades Later: John Maynard Keynes' Most Influential Quotes

    It's been 72 years since the influential economist died; here are some of his most influential quotes.
  2. High Net Worth Living

    The Number of Millionaires Continues to Increase

    Global wealth growth remains weak, but the number of millionaires in high-income economies is surging.
  3. Markets & Economy

    Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a trade deal under negotiation between the European Union and ...
  4. Politics & Money

    Which New Presidents Moved the S&P 500 the Most

    The election of Donald Trump inspired the largest gains for the S&P 500 the day after the polls closed but a year on ...
  5. Buzz & Trending

    Price of Twelve Days of Christmas in 2016: $34,363

    A rise in wages for pipers and drummers and a spike in the price of turtle doves is taking a toll on your holiday dollar.
  6. High Net Worth Living

    Switzerland Tops World Wealth Ranking (Again)

    By average and median, the Swiss are the wealthiest in the world.
  7. ETFs

    Top 3 Defense ETFs (PPA, XAR)

    Defense ETFs are likely to due well regardless of who wins the presidential election.
  8. Mutual Funds

    Funds with the Largest Outflows for September 2016 (PTTRX, FSAEX)

    The largest mutual fund and ETF asset outflows for September, 2016.
  9. Buzz & Trending

    BMW, Rolls-Royce, MINI Debut Concept Vehicles

    BMW Group envisions the auto industry in 100 years.
  10. Mutual Funds

    Top Winner and Loser Mutual Funds of Q3 (GUGAX, IIGX)

    Top and bottom 10 mutual funds of Q3.
  11. Stocks

    Stocks: 3Q Winners and Losers

    The winning stocks during the third quarter reflected investors' increasing willingness to take risks
  12. Investing Strategy

    Why Uranium Won’t Recover Anytime Soon (CCJ, UEC)

    Uranium prices have been declining for years and the outlook remains dark
  13. Markets & Economy

    Why the BoE May Buy Apple, GE, AT&T Debt (AAPL, T)

    The Bank of England's stimulus includes $13.3 billion worth of corporate bonds many of which are issued by non-British companies ...
  14. Stocks

    House Bill Enabling Microcap Funding Fuels Debate

    The House of Representatives passed bill intended to increase access to funding, but it may hurt investors.
  15. Markets & Economy

    An America with Donald Trump as President

    Take a closer look at some of policy proposals from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and what a future with ...
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