Tahnya Kristina, CFP

Tahnya Kristina, CFP

  • • Certified Financial Planner with over 10 years of experience helping financial advisors, investment brokers and insurance agents grow their business online.
  • • Owner of Well Said Content helping professionals communicate better with clients through customized digital solutions.
  • • Digital marketing expert specializing in email marketing, social media activity along with personalized websites and blogs.


Tahnya Parachuk has over 15 years of experience in the financial services and investment industries and she became a licensed Certified Financial Planner in 2005. After the market crash, Tahnya took her financial expertise out of sales and into the marketing world where she helped companies such as LearnVest and H&R Block create content for their clients. Over the years, her digital expertise has expanded and today she helps financial advisors communicate with clients online through email newsletters, websites, blogs and social media.


Tahnya received her Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Concordia University.

Quote from Tahnya

"Everyone is more powerful when they understand money."

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  1. FA Profession

    What Advisors Need to Know About Rule 3210

    Here's what advisors and brokers need to know about FINRA Rule 3210.
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    How to Talk to Clients About Socially Responsible Investing

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    6 Social Media 'Musts' for Financial Advisors

    Here are six things advisors should always do online to keep clients happy and gain sales leads.
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    Why Content Is Still King for Advisors' Websites

    With more Americans going online to get financial information, advisors should make the most of publishing platforms.
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    How Advisor Compensation Models Are Evolving

    Is there still a place in this world for commission-based advice in wealth management?
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    4 Steps to Upgrade Your Practice & Meet Client Demands

    Here are four ways advisors can improve their practice and address the demands of their clients.
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    Tax Planning Strategies for Changes Under Trump

    Trump's proposed tax plan says taxpayers will save $6.2 trillion in income tax over the first decade.
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    When Interest Rates Rise: Best Investment Strategies

    Interest rates are on the rise. Here's what that means for investing strategies.
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    Retirement Plan Strategies for Clients in Their 30s

    Retirement may not be the top priority for 30-somethings, but it should definitely be on the list.
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    How to Invest in the Growth of Insurtech (BRK.A, PGR)

    Here's how insurtech is providing a new opportunity for investors.
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    Retirement Savings Strategies for Clients in Their 40s

    Here are five ways 40-somethings can plan ahead for retirement.
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    Top 10 Email Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

    These 10 strategies can help advisors make the most of email marketing.
  15. FA Profession

    Top Email Marketing Strategies for Advisors

    These six email marketing strategies can help enhance newsletters sent to clients and gain new readers.
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