Nathan Reiff

Nathan Reiff is a writer and musician based in the New York City area. He holds degrees from Yale University and the University of Michigan. Nathan has previously worked for Orion Consultants and Partners in Performance and has written for Internet Brands on subjects ranging from money matters to personal and home development. His interests include technology, travel, and food.

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  1. Virtual Currency

    What is the Bitcoin Foundation, and What Does it Do?

    Many of the top cryptocurrency developers have played a role in the Bitcoin Foundation. But what is the Foundation, and what ...
  2. Virtual Currency

    Why Did Bitcoin Whales Sell $100M of Crypto?

    Major owners of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin may have shifted the global prices with their actions.
  3. Virtual Currency

    What are the Legal Risks to Cryptocurrency Investors?

    Cryptocurrencies may be new, but lawmakers won't let you use that as an excuse for a free-for-all.
  4. Virtual Currency

    JPMorgan Faces Lawsuit Over Crypto Charges

    The bank allegedly charged surprise fees on cryptocurrency purchases.
  5. ETFs

    The Role of Securities Lending in ETF Returns

    ETFs produce significant revenue by lending out securities, but there are risks associated with the practice.
  6. Virtual Currency

    11 Important People in Cryptocurrency's History

    The cryptocurrency world is new and constantly changing. Here are some of the innovators leading the charge.
  7. Virtual Currency

    What Drove the Mid-April Cryptocurrency Rebound?

    Bitcoin climbed by $1,000 in under a single day.
  8. Virtual Currency

    Few Reporting Bitcoin Holdings on Taxes: Credit Karma

    With the U.S. deadline to file taxes quickly approaching, the significant majority of cryptocurrency users have yet to alert ...
  9. Virtual Currency

    Cryptocurrency This Week

    Confidence may be returning to the cryptocurrency market.
  10. ETFs

    Can ETFs Help You Benefit From a Trade War?

    Trade has become a major concern for the market. Can ETFs help investors stay on top of the fracas?
  11. Virtual Currency

    Who Is Nick Szabo, and Is He Satoshi Nakamoto?

    The computer scientist and cryptographer is at the top of many analysts' list of contenders.
  12. Virtual Currency

    How Can I Get Free Cryptocurrency From an Airdrop?

    Free cryptocurrency giveaways are a major source of hype in the community.
  13. ETFs

    What Are Actively Managed ETFs, and Do They Work?

    The idea of an "actively managed" ETF may seem like a contradiction, but many investors have seen success with these vehicles.
  14. Stocks

    Icahn Pushes for Sale of SandRidge Energy

    The activist investor is bracing for a boardroom battle.
  15. Stocks

    Icahn to Sell Federal Mogul for $5.4 Billion

    The activist investor is selling the auto parts maker to Tenneco.
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