Nathan Reiff

Nathan Reiff is a writer and musician based in the New York City area. He holds degrees from Yale University and the University of Michigan. Nathan has previously worked for Orion Consultants and Partners in Performance and has written for Internet Brands on subjects ranging from money matters to personal and home development. His interests include technology, travel, and food.

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  1. ETFs

    How Fee Compression Is a Blessing and a Curse for ETF Managers

    ETF expense ratios are low and getting even lower.
  2. ETFs

    Overview of the Most-Shorted ETFs

    Natural gas, junk bonds and biotech are among the areas traders are betting against.
  3. Virtual Currency

    Is Bitcoin Vulnerable to SEC Manipulation?

    There is no reason to believe the SEC will manipulate the price of bitcoin, but it could.
  4. Virtual Currency

    Ethereum Dips Below $300

    ETH is hovering below the $300 mark for the first time in a year.
  5. Company Insights

    How Peloton Makes Money

    The "Netflix of Fitness" has been generating IPO buzz.
  6. Virtual Currency

    Blockchain Won't Cut Out Intermediaries After All

    Blockchain is touted as a trustless environment that eliminates third parties. Is that really true?
  7. Stocks

    Musk Memo Clarifies Plans to Take Tesla Private

    Elon Musk is continuing to engage with Tesla's largest shareholders.
  8. ETFs

    Benefits of a Covered Call ETF

    There are nearly a dozen ETFs offering new access to the covered call strategy.
  9. Virtual Currency

    Every Portfolio Should Have 6% Bitcoin: Yale Study

    A new study suggests that even skeptical investors should include some BTC in their portfolios.
  10. Virtual Currency

    Some US Military Overseas Will Vote Via Blockchain

    The state of West Virginia is developing a blockchain-based app for voters abroad.
  11. Stocks

    Why Centralized Crypto Mining Is a Growing Problem

    Powerful ASICs could lead to the centralization of ownership of digital currencies.
  12. Virtual Currency

    Cryptocurrency This Week

    Nearly all of the top 20 cryptocurrencies declined over the course of the week.
  13. Stocks

    Daniel Loeb Pushes Campbell Soup to Sell

    The hedge fund manager is pushing for the food company to find a buyer.
  14. Virtual Currency

    How Blockchain Can Fight Piracy

    Piracy could cost the television and movie industries $52 billion by 2022.
  15. ETFs

    What to Watch For in SEC Bitcoin ETF Decision

    Supporters of bitcoin ETFs have waited on an update from the SEC. Here's what to watch for.
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