Nathan Reiff

Nathan Reiff is a writer and musician based in the New York City area. He holds degrees from Yale University and the University of Michigan. Nathan has previously worked for Orion Consultants and Partners in Performance and has written for Internet Brands on subjects ranging from money matters to personal and home development. His interests include technology, travel, and food.

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  1. Virtual Currency

    How Does Blockchain Work?

    Blockchain technology supports the cryptocurrency space and many other promising applications.
  2. Virtual Currency

    Cryptocurrency This Week

    Cryptocurrencies are on track to have their worst week in months.
  3. Virtual Currency

    Question: Why Should Anyone Invest in Crypto?

    Digital currencies have garnered an impressive amount of hype, but are they worth it?
  4. Virtual Currency

    What Is Ether? Is It the Same as Ethereum?

    Ether is a means of buying services within Ethereum, and it's structured differently from Bitcoin.
  5. ETFs

    An ETF Designed for Retirees

    A new ETF aims to offer a stable 7% annual rate of distribution.
  6. Virtual Currency

    What You Must Know Before Investing in Crypto

    Cryptocurrencies are ubiquitous, but there's still a lot of mystery surrounding this asset class.
  7. ETFs

    Are ETFs 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'?

    Popular cap-weighted mega ETFs pose systemic risks.
  8. ETFs

    What's Causing the ETF Price War?

    The price war among exchange-traded funds continues to intensify.
  9. Virtual Currency


    DigiCash was one of the earliest versions of electronic money and a predecessor of cryptocurrencies.
  10. ETFs

    Goldman Launches Impact ETF Based on Paul Tudor Jones Ranking

    Goldman Sachs will launch a new socially responsible ETF based on Jones' Just Capital.
  11. Virtual Currency

    Just How Low Could Bitcoin's Price Drop?

    Following a drop of 10% in just 4 hours this weekend, investors wonder how low bitcoin can dip.
  12. Virtual Currency

    Are ICO Cashouts Crashing Cryptocurrency Prices?

    Many companies cash out their ICOs, prompting dips in the digital currency market.
  13. ETFs

    One Area of ETFs Is Not Growing: Options

    Options on ETFs have stagnated for years.
  14. Stocks

    AT&T and Time Warner Merger Case: What You Need to Know

    AT&T's win of the antitrust trial over the $85 billion proposed Time Warner merger has huge implications for the future ...
  15. Virtual Currency

    Potcoin Jumps By 13% After Trump-Kim Summit

    Dennis Rodman sported a Potcoin shirt on his visit to Singapore.
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