Aaron Phillips

Aaron Phillips

Aaron Phillips is a financial journalist based in Michigan. As a contributor to financial sites across the web, Aaron has interviewed CEOs, dug through SEC filings, and talked to whistleblowers in search of the truth. He's committed to bringing transparency to investors in order to help them make informed decisions about their portfolio.

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  1. ETFs

    Top 5 Gold ETFs for 2018

    Gold ETFs offer a convenient way to take advantage of the volatility of the precious metals market.
  2. ETFs

    Top 4 Copper ETFs for 2018

    Copper ETFs for your investment portfolio in 2018.
  3. ETFs

    7 ETFs for Your 401(k)

    These 7 ETFs would make excellent long-term additions to your 401(k).
  4. Stocks

    ConocoPhillips to Raise Dividends 6% (COP)

    Falling costs and a series of new oil discoveries in Alaska have led Conoco to raise dividends.
  5. Company Insights

    Varco Fined $25M for Export Violations (NOV)

    Oilfield services provider National Oilwell Varco settled a lawsuit with the Department of Commerce for $25 million.
  6. Company Insights

    Baker Hughes and Goldman to Start Fracking (BHI)

    New details emerge regarding the joint fracking venture between Baker Hughes, Goldman Sachs, and CSL.
  7. Company Insights

    The Numbers Behind Baker’s Big Merger With GE (BHI)

    Details about the financial underpinnings of the GE/Baker Hughes merger are beginning to filter out.
  8. Company Insights

    Nabors Signs On to Saudi Joint Venture (NBR)

    Nabors Industries and state-run Saudi Aramco plan to operate new onshore rigs as part of a new Saudi development plan.
  9. Stocks

    Legacy Reserves Cuts a Dangerous Deal (LGCY)

    Legacy Reserves is entering into a new master limited partnership in order to raise cash, but the move comes with big risk.
  10. Company Insights

    Hedge Funds Show Interest in Crescent Point (CPG)

    Multiple hedge funds have shown interest in Crescent Point Energy as the Canadian company's oil sands holdings once again ...
  11. Company Insights

    ConocoPhillips to Unload Kenai Facility (COP)

    ConocoPhillips has put a southern Alaska LNG export facility up for sale as it expands its holdings in Prudhoe Bay and the ...
  12. Company Insights

    Lucas Energy Raises $4.5 Million on Stock Sale (LEI)

    Lucas Energy received $4.5 million from a stock sale.
  13. Company Insights

    Tesoro Buys One Facility, Sells Two (TSO, TLLP)

    Tesoro and Tesoro Logistics recently closed on three large real estate deals, selling off two properties and acquiring one. ...
  14. Company Insights

    Insiders Dump Basic Energy Services Stock (BAS)

    Management at Basic Energy Services have sold off a massive amount of stock recently, dumping over 2.7 million shares as ...
  15. Company Insights

    Varco Sets Manufacturing Milestone (NOV)

    National Oilwell Varco showed off a new manufacturing method by creating a plastic tube that stretches nearly 5 miles, to ...
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