• 40+ years of experience in the finance industry
  • Currently advises clients who buy and sell web-based businesses
  • Has written about various topics including ecommerce, stocks, energy, as well as startups


Victoria Duff has been working in the financial industry for more than four decades. She currently advises clients who buys and sells web-based businesses and also provides them with merger and acquisition opportunities. Prior to this, Victoria worked with a number of different web-based businesses as as advisor and consultant. She has also worked in investor relations as well as institutional investment banking.

In 1997, Victoria founded her own startup consulting business, aBusinessPlan.com, through which she helped clients launch their online business. She has been speaking and writing about various financial topics including ecommerce, stocks, energy, and startups for a number of different outlets. Some of her work has appeared in The Motley Fool and Zach’s Investment Research.


Victoria graduated with an undergraduate degree in public administration from the University of California Berkeley.