•  20+ years of experience working in various financial sectors, including investment banking
  • Over 200 educational or writing-related articles published, reprinted and/or re-released via ezines and magazines
  • Has ghost written over 80 books


Lee Masterson is a full-time writer who has spent decades wearing many hats in the financial sector, as a credit assessor, mortgage broker, investment banker, and a specialist in business and commercial lending. She turned her financial acumen into a successful writing career— specializing in finance writing.

Lee's articles can be found in People magazine (Australia), Smart Investor, Australian Property Investor, and Debt-Living, among others. Currently, besides freelancing, she is a full-time business and finance reporter for The Scope Weekly magazine. Lee is also an established ghostwriter working with clients around the world on 82 books, plus thousands of articles. In addition, she is the author of seven writing-related e-books and writes fiction under a pseudonym.


Lee completed a degree in economics.