Milton Ezrati

Milton Ezrati

Milton Ezrati is a prominent economist and author who has worked in the financial services industry for decades and currently serves as chief economist of Vested.

He is a contributing editor to The National Interest, a magazine that covers international affairs, and the author of two books: Kawari, which predicted Japan would evolve from an export-oriented economy to one that provides services, and Thirty Tomorrows: The Next Three Decades of Globalization, Demographics, and How We Will Live, which examines the impact that an aging population has on the world’s most developed economies. He frequently contributes to and is quoted in a variety of financial publications, including CNBC Fox Business, Bloomberg, BNN, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, and Reuters.

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  1. Markets & Economy

    The American Consumer and What’s Left of the Recovery

    Consumers have begun to run ahead of themselves, threatening the recovery’s durability.
  2. Markets & Economy

    The Fed's Concerns

    Wall Street traders have voiced doubts about the Fed’s intentions. On the one hand, they note how the minutes of the last ...
  3. Markets & Economy

    The Corporate Sector Has Suddenly Come Alive

    The behavior of corporate America has changed profoundly during the last nine months or so.
  4. Taxes

    Prospects for Tax Reform

    Similarities to previous plans, both Republican and Democratic, would seem to give reform legislation a fair chance of success. ...
  5. Insights

    Fears of Another Recession are Unfounded

    Past recessions have often erupted because people had outspent their incomes, incurred excessive debts, and had to cut back. ...
  6. Investing

    Trade Data Hints at a Shift in the Structure of the U.S. Economy

    Foreign trade data suggests that the U.S.'s technology edge may be dulling.
  7. Real Estate

    Real Estate: Sustainable Growth Ahead

    The real estate comeback has been so moderate that there is every reason to anticipate continued expansion.
  8. Markets & Economy

    Trump’s Budget: Unsurprisingly Unrealistic

    History tells us that projections almost always fall short.
  9. Investing

    Why There's Still Room in this Rally

    Investors remain wary of equities, which suggests that there's more buying power to carry the markets further upward.
  10. Investing Strategy

    The Fed’s New Normal: Raising Rates

    Policy makers seem determined to bring rates back in line with historic norms.
  11. Asset Allocation

    Should Retirement Savers Reallocate For Trump?

    A look at how to tactically adjust a hypothetical retirement portfolio for the particulars of 2017.
  12. Financial Technology

    Opinion: Fintech Will Require Regulation

    A national charter to address responsibility and compliance among fintech innovators may bring much needed oversight.
  13. Tech

    Can the Banking Industry Defend Itself Against Alternative Lending?

    If it learns to embrace fintech like its non-bank competitors have done.
  14. Markets & Economy

    Investors Are Unprepared for Inflation

    Inflation has remained so quiescent for so long that many investors have forgotten even how to cope with it.
  15. Financial Analysis

    Household Finances Are In Great Shape

    During the past year, households have taken 6 percent of their after-tax income to either set aside in savings vehicles, ...
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