Michael Foster

Michael Foster

  • • Extensive experience writing on a variety of high-yield and financial stocks, funds, and bonds for a number of popular publications including TheStreet, Bankrate, Forbes, and Kiplinger
  • • Former Wall Street analyst providing in-depth analysis of fast-moving technology stocks
  • • PhD and former academic with over a decade experience teaching students on three continents



Michael has written on a number of financial topics for both a popular and professional investor audience, with a particular focus on providing benchmark-beating long-term total returns through in-depth due diligence and a close analysis of funds' and stocks' fundamentals. His research has been read by thousands of investors of all stripes, including growth, value, and income investors. By combining his unconventional academic approach with an in-depth knowledge of financial mechanics, Michael tries to deliver new insights that give investors conviction.


Michael received his Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics degree from Åbo Akademi University.

Quote from Michael

"I want to help investors understand that an unconventional approach to the market can help them achieve unconventional financial goals that mainstream advisors claim are unachievable."

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  1. Stocks

    How Trump’s Tax Plans Could Boost Tech (QQQ, AAPL)

    Trump’s promise to offer a tax holiday on repatriated cash may help tech firms with billions trapped abroad.
  2. Politics & Money

    Trump to Revive Glass-Steagall, Break Up Banks

    President Donald Trump hinted that he is looking at ways to break up giant Wall Street banks.
  3. Stocks

    Berkshire Sells Wells Fargo Shares (BRK.A, BRK.B)

    Buffett is offloading shares in the bank, but he doesn't want to.
  4. Company Insights

    European Commission Cautious on RBS Plans (RBS)

    European regulators warn RBS's plans for Williams & Glynn could cost nearly $2 billion.
  5. International / Global

    Santander, Portugal Reach Swaps Settlement (SAN)

    Interest rate swap agreements will cost Portugal $1.8 billion and help Santander get some new loans on its books.
  6. International / Global

    Banco Brandesco Suffers on Brazil Corruption Probe (BBD)

    The Brazilian bank saw its stock fall following news that over 100 officials are facing an investigation over alleged corruption.
  7. ETFs

    Oil Falls Despite Geopolitical Risks (USO, UCO)

    Oil ETFs are set to open lower following G-7 moves to stabilize the region.
  8. Stocks

    Barclays Upgraded Despite Controversy (BCS, SAN)

    While CEO is investigated by regulators, analysts still say buy.
  9. Stocks

    Financial Earnings Season Begins (JPM, GS)

    Expectations have soared for financial stocks thanks to higher interest rates and a stronger economy.
  10. Stocks

    Financial Stocks Tumble on Weak Jobs Report (GS, MS)

    Regional banks, investment banks and insurance companies are all taking a hit.
  11. Stocks

    Deutsche Bank Finishes New Share Sale (DB)

    The bank raised $8.5 billion in newly minted shares gobbled up by institutional investors.
  12. Markets & Economy

    Weak Jobs and Syria Violence: Stocks Shrugged (VXX, XIV)

    Geopolitical uncertainty and poor jobs growth sound like good reasons to panic, but the stock market is shrugging at the ...
  13. Commodities

    Weak Natural Gas Supply Reverses Bear Trend (UNG, UGAZ)

    Long-term weakness in natural gas may be over thanks to weaker supply growth and the chance of long-term declines.
  14. Commodities

    Oil Stays above $50 Despite Rising Inventories (USO, UCO)

    The commodity beat a stock market suddenly in retreat despite bigger supplies in the United States.
  15. Stocks

    A Hint to Buffett's Airline Bet: Credit Cards (BRK-A, BRK-B)

    Warren Buffett never explained why he changed course on airlines, but the answer might be in your wallet.
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