C.W. Copeland

C.W. Copeland, Professor of Financial Services at The American College of Financial Services, a non-profit, accredited, degree-granting institution in Bryn Mawr, PA that has educated one in five practicing financial advisers in the U.S.

  1. FA Profession

    Clients Need to Know These Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

    Conversations with clients about permanent life insurance should include explaining these major benefits.
  2. FA Profession

    Advisors and the Behavioral Finance Dilemma

    Sometimes advisors can fall prey to the same behavioral finance biases as their clients.
  3. FA Profession

    Advisors: How to Explain the Fiduciary Rule to Your Clients

    Here's how advisors can deliver the underlying message of the new fiduciary rule to clients.
  4. FA Profession

    Making Sure Both Spouses Get the Financial Advice They Need

    When working with couples, it is critical to be inclusive of both spouses.
  5. Robo-Advisor

    How Advisors Can Break Into the Women's Market

    Women are increasingly the financial decision-markers in American household, but they don't all seek the same thing in financial ...
  6. FA Profession

    The Pros & Cons of Partnering with a Broker/Dealer

    Financial advisors must determine a business model that meets their needs and meets the expectations of their clients.