Mrinalini Krishna

Mrinalini Krishna

Mrinalini Krishna recently graduated from New York University's Business and Economic Reporting (BER) program. For five years, she was a business television reporter in India chasing down stories on economic policy and financial markets. She now writes about business and money.

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  1. People

    Linda McMahon

    Small Business Administration
  2. Buzz & Trending

    13 Ads That Make The Super Bowl Great Again (PEP, BUD)

    Here's a preview of some of the TV ads you will see during Super Bowl LI—including Budweiser's pro-immigrant spot "Born the ...
  3. Insights

    How Much Does The U.S. Import From Mexico? (GM, F)

    We look at the value of the top U.S. imports from Mexico in 2016.
  4. People

    Peter Thiel Has New Zealand Citizenship Says Report (FB)

    The controversial investor and Trump advisor seems to have taken a liking to the island country.
  5. People

    9 Brands Donald Trump Endorsed on Television (M, MCD)

    From mattresses to pizza, the list of products that Donald Trump endorsed before taking office is long.
  6. Buzz & Trending

    Sprint Acquires 33% in Jay Z’s Tidal Music Service (S)

    With this deal, Tidal can dial into over 45 million Sprint users and funds to sign up more artists.
  7. Mutual Funds

    Top Mutual Funds of 2016 (HDPCX, SDIVX)

    A look at equities, bonds and other top-performing mutual funds of 2016.
  8. Stocks

    Worst Performing Stocks on U.S. Exchanges in 2016 (VRX, DRYS)

    Valeant plummeted by more than 80%. Here's a list of the worst performing stocks listed on the NYSE and the NASDAQ.
  9. Forex & Currencies

    How Currency Fluctuations Impacted 2016 Wealth

    These countries were impacted the most by currency swings.
  10. High Net Worth Living

    The Richest and Poorest Countries Per Capita in 2016

    The United States only comes in third for the highest wealth per adult.
  11. Women & Money

    The Most Highly-Paid Female CEOs

    Here's what the highest-paid women CEOs took home last year.
  12. Politics & Money

    Marijuana Vote Could Boost These Stocks (SMG, INSY)

    Now that both recreational and medical marijuana is legal in more places, these businesses may experience a big lift.
  13. Mutual Funds

    Funds with the Largest Inflows for September, 2016 (VTI, XLRE)

    As the third quarter drew to a close, investors continued to pour money into passive funds, while active funds battled heavy ...
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