Dean Lundell

Dean Lundell has more than 30 years of experience in the equity, debt and derivative markets. He is a former vice president at Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, where he was a bond trader. His experience there covered money markets, Treasuries and agencies, mortgage-backed, pass-through securities and CMOs, corporate bonds and eurobonds.

As a principal of a regional investment bank, he continued in that capacity and added derivative debt such as inverse floating rate notes, interest rate swaps and was involved in commercial loan syndication and trading.

Trading futures for his own account "upstairs" Lundell concentrated on interest rate markets such as the Treasury debt complex on the Chicago Board of Trade, and the eurodollar, Treasury bill, foreign exchange complex and equity indexes at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Lundell is also a licensed commodity trading advisor.

Other than articles and commentaries for Investopedia, Mr. Lundell's publishing credits include:

  • "Sun Tzu's Art of War for Traders and Investors" (McGraw-Hill, 1997)
  • "How to Become a CTA" (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)
  • Articles for Futures Magazine and SFO Magazine
  • For the consulting firm of Greenwich Associates, he has written educational booklets on the fixed-income markets, large corporate and investment banking and interest rate swaps, and foreign exchange.

Prior to his career on Wall Street, he served with the 82nd Airborne Division in Vietnam.

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