Matthew McCall

Matt McCall is the president of Penn Financial Group (PFG), an investment advisory firm offering personalized portfolio management. He is also the editor of several newsletters including The ETF Bulletin, which publishes two real-time portfolios based on PFG's proprietary top-down approach to investing.

Along with managing client portfolios and overlooking the newsletters, McCall is the host of an investment radio show, "Market Close Live", which airs in Philadelphia during the final hour of trading and is also available as a podcast on PFG's website and through iTunes.

Over the years, McCall has worked for major investment firms and has concentrated his energy on technical analysis and investor education. As an advocate of educating the individual investor, he has traveled around the country presenting investment seminars. Over the last couple of years, McCall has also directed PFG's focus toward exchange-traded funds (ETFs). PFG believes that over the next decade, hordes of new ETFs will be available for investors and, as a result, Matt has turned PFG's attention toward educating investors about ETFs through The ETF Bulletin newsletter and ETF portfolios. PFG is one of a few investment advisors that offers ETF-based portfolio management.

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  1. ETFs

    Building An All-ETF Portfolio

    Balance is the key when selecting an all-ETF portfolio that will hedge against market volatility.
  2. ETFs

    Leveraged ETFs: Are They Right For You? (SSO, DDM)

    This specialty vehicle promises dramatic short-term results, but can also magnify risk.
  3. Mutual Funds

    A Top-Down Approach To Investing

    Use a global view to determine which stocks belong in your portfolio.
  4. ETFs

    An Introduction To Pairs Trading With ETFs

    This strategy can help investors reduce portfolio volatility and make money in uncertain markets.
  5. ETFs

    4 High-Income ETFs

    Four ETFs paying high dividends in a low interest rate world.
  6. Stocks

    How To Play Treasuries' New Low

    The 10-year treasury yield hits a new all-time low and a handful of ETFs are moving on the news.
  7. ETFs

    The Greece ETF And Its Neighbors

    Based on the risk associated with Greece and the surrounding region, and the potential reward for the countries, the best ...
  8. Stocks

    Stocks Showing Resilience

    Despite a market sell-off there are a handful of stocks that are able to show resilience.
  9. ETFs

    ETFs That Rise When The Market Falls

    A list of ETFs that will protect portfolios if the market pullback continues.
  10. ETFs

    Choosing An Agriculture ETF

    Each of three ag-related ETFs offers exposure to specific areas the others do not.
  11. ETFs

    Finding Fortune In Foreign-Stock ETFs

    Think beyond your borders to reduce the impact of local market downturns.
  12. ETFs

    Choosing Technology ETFs

    We analyze several different technology ETFs.
  13. ETFs

    Investment Grade Bonds Attractive

    Due to high cash levels, investment grade corporate bonds are looking attractive.
  14. Financial Analysis

    Safe Havens In Foreign Currency ETFs

    We'll take a look at the top foreign currency ETFs and what they offer for diversification.
  15. ETFs

    The First Cloud Computing ETF Is Here

    Learn about the components that make up the first cloud computing exchange-traded fund.
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