Licensed broker and author


University of Houston

Company Info

24/7 Wall St. LLC


  • 12+ years as chair and co-owner of 24/7 Wall St. LLC.
  • Formerly a licensed bond broker to U.S. and EU financial institutions
  • Author of numerous articles on the economy, the markets, and equities, and also a frequent guest on CNBC


Jon Ogg started his career as a licensed broker selling fixed income products to large U.S. investment management firms and mutual funds. Some of Jon's accomplishments include creating an audio squawk for active traders called TTN, which was later sold and became part of E-Trade. Jon was also a licensed bond broker to U.S. and EU financial institutions.

Jon worked in Denmark as a U.S. equities trader and portfolio manager for European institutional and individual investors in the mid-nineties. While in Copenhagen, Jon gained valuable experience in private finance. 

Jon has been a frequent guest speaker on CNBC, and has been referenced by Barron's. Jon has also published many articles on Forbes, Seekingalpha, and Investopedia. Jon's writing includes analysis on economic trends, technology stocks, banks, and initial public offerings or IPOs. 

Currently, Jon is chair and co-owner of 24/7 Wall St. LLC. He devotes his time providing on-the-fly news analysis, identifying new macro-trends, offering income ideas, and covering key financial news.


Jon received a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance at the University of Houston in 1992.