• Co-founder of ControlYourCash.com, which thinks conventional wisdom about personal finance is largely stupid, useless and/or wrong
  • Co-author of the companion book 'Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense'
  • Financial writer and contributor to Investopedia for over 5 years


Greg McFarlane is the co-founder of  Control Your Cash, a personal finance website for people who want "results, not coddling." He's also the author of its companion book,  Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense, a full personal finance primer in one volume. Greg has been with Investopedia for several years years and also writes for several tourism and general interest magazines. A Canadian native, Greg emigrated to the United States after earning a mathematics degree from the University of Toronto. He chased the dream of working as a professional sports broadcaster for several years, until he ran the numbers one day and decided to do something a little more lucrative with his life. Greg eventually moved to Las Vegas, where he worked as an advertising copywriter for a couple of major agencies before going out on his own and founding McFarlane Media and writing about finance.


Greg earned a BS in mathematics from the University of Toronto.