Lewis R. Humphries

Lewis R. Humphries

  • • Current content manager at Coinage, a revolutionary new cryptocurrency exchange
  • • Current staff writer at Life Hack, offering advice pertaining to finance, technology and entrepreneurship
  • • Content writer for WMG, a marketing agency focused on promoting financial clients


Lewis has worked extensively as a content writer for numerous financial brands and agencies, including Alpari. Most recently, he undertook the role as content manager for Coinage, which is a new and innovative cryptocurrency exchange. He continues to contribute content to Life Hack, Money Crashers and Career Addict on a regular basis, as well as various guest sites as requested. Lewis' work has also been featured on Seeking Alpha, Business Insider and Yahoo Finance.


Lewis received his bachelor's degree from the University of Surrey.

Quote from Lewis

"I think that offering practical financial advice is invaluable in the modern economy, and being able to deliver this makes for a genuinely satisfying achievement."

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    Is Higher Education Still A Good Investment?

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    Is It Foolish To Strive For The American Dream?

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    Networking For Financial Professionals: Maintaining A Strong Industry Presence

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    Mandatory Pension Savings: Should Employers And Employees Be Forced To Make Contributions?

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    Possible Effects Of The Online Retail Tax

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    Browser Extensions That Save You Money

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    Economic Trends We Can All Profit From In 2013

    The National Small Business Association may not be optimistic about 2013, but we'll show you a few trends that suggest the ...
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