Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management. His unique investment philosophy centers on seeking investment opportunities that are influenced by everyday life activities, and by observing new trends and products that are popular or are trending towards popularity. Additionally, he devotes a significant part of his research to global macroeconomics and central bank policies impacting financial markets.

Kramer runs the Mott Capital Management actively managed long-only Thematic Growth Portfolio, which holds these stocks: AAPL, ACAD, ALKS, CELG, DEO, DIS, GOOGL, MA, MO, NFLX, NXPI, RTN, SWKS TSLA, UL, V, VOD and VZ.

Kramer began his career in high-risk trading environments, trading both US and international equities. His trading skills coupled with his comprehensive, financial analysis of public companies, have given him a unique perspective on investing, which stands out from analysts who simply look at top-line numbers. In addition to fundamental analysis, Kramer also incorporates technical and options market analysis into his research.

Kramer is a fundamental writer for Investopedia.com, analyzing stocks and market news that is helpful for everyday investors to make short and long-term investment decisions.

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  1. Stocks

    Pfizer, at Highest Price in a Decade, May Fall 10%

    Pfizer's stock has surged by more than 16% in 2018. But what comes next?
  2. Stocks

    Facebook Stock Seen Falling By as Much as 15%

    Analysts have been slashing revenue and profit forecasts for the coming Q3 and the full year.
  3. Stocks

    PayPal Traders Bet Stock Will Jump 7% in One Month

    Should PayPal continue to deliver robust growth, then shares should be able to keep moving higher. 
  4. Stocks

    Eli Lilly's Overbought Stock Poised to Fall 15%

    Ely Lilly shares have surged 24% so far in 2018.
  5. Stocks

    American Express Breakout May Boost Stock 12%

    The company's earnings and revenue will rise an estimated 20% in 2018, analysts say.
  6. Stocks

    5 Stocks Seen Plunging as Metal Prices Melt

    Metal and mining stocks have plunged in recent weeks as the prices of commodities have sunk.
  7. Stocks

    Square Stock May Fall 12% Amid Slashed Forecasts

    Square's shares have doubled in 2018, far outpacing all the major indexes.
  8. Stocks

    Why Nike's Hot Stock May Fall By 10%

    Nike has raced ahead of the market, rising 27% this year.
  9. Stocks

    Home Depot Seen Falling More Despite Earnings Beat

    Home Depot Inc.'s (HD) stock is already down by nearly 7% in 2018 and may be heading another 6% lower.
  10. Stocks

    4 Gold Stocks Seen Falling as Much as 15%

    Gold stocks have fallen nearly 19% off their highs this year.
  11. Stocks

    AMD Seen Rising 12% as Profit Growth Accelerates

    AMD's stock has risen 95% in 2018 and may go higher.
  12. Stocks

    Tesla Analysts Sharply Boost Profit Forecast

    The outlook for Tesla is improving and the company may finally be on the verge of profitability.
  13. Stocks

    Amazon's Stock May Rise 11% as Earnings Quadruple

    An 11% stock gain would boost Amazon's market value to more than $1 trillion.
  14. Stocks

    3 Oil Stocks Seen Plunging as Much as 14%

    Oil prices, falling 10% since early July, may hammer these three stocks.
  15. Stocks

    3 Stocks That May Be Crushed by a Strong Dollar

    A strong USD is not good for commodities such as copper and gold, along with the companies that mine them.
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