Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management and runs MCM's actively managed long-only Thematic Growth Portfolio which holds these stocks: ACAD, ALKS, CELG, DEO, DIS, GE, GOOGL, MA, MO, NFLX, NXPI, RTN, SBUX, SWKS TSKA, UL, V, VOD and VZ.

Additionally, he is the premium author of Reading The Market an exclusive offering on Seeking Alpha's marketplace.  

Michael's professional skills, first honed in high-risk trading environments, have now matured into a comprehensive, in-depth financial analysis of public companies, with a particular focus on finding new generational themes and trends in society. Additionally, he has dedicated a significant amount of his research to global macro economics and Central Bank policies impact on financial markets. 

  1. Stocks

    Facebook Seen Rising 20% Defying Skeptics

    Bullish sentiment among analysts, options traders, and improving technicals suggest Facebook is set to rebound.
  2. Stocks

    Roku Shares Could Fall 50% Further

    Roku stock could come under selling pressure soon based on technical analysis and the bets short sellers are placing.
  3. Stocks

    Why Micron's Stock Bulls May Be Wrong

    Micron Technology Inc. bulls may be all wrong when it comes to the future direction of the stock.
  4. Stocks

    Why Home Depot May Plunge 20% Off Its Highs

    Home Depot stock could slide into bear territory due to plummeting margins and waning interest from buyers.
  5. Stocks

    3 Under The Radar Stocks That Could Soar 30%

    Fertilizer stocks could take off due to increasing demand stemming from crop shortfalls in South America.
  6. Stocks

    Why Bank Stocks Are Ready for a Short-Term Pullback

    The banks have had a strong start in 2018 with the KBW NASDAQ Bank Index rising by approximately 6.5%.
  7. Stocks

    Why Biotech Stocks Face Steep Declines Ahead

    The biotech sector could sink in the near term amid signs of deteriorating technicals.
  8. Stocks

    Netflix Stock Is Poised For An 11% Plunge

    Netflix shares could slide soon after have gotten overextended amid soaring expectations
  9. Stocks

    Why Salesforce's Record Stock Gains May Not Last

    Technical analysis suggests Salesforce shares could dip 12% in the near term despite its recent surge.
  10. Stocks

    4 Red Flags For Technology Stocks

    Tech stocks may be poised for more declines, according to technical indicators
  11. Stocks

    Biotech Stock Nektar May Be Ripe For A Sharp Pullback

    Nektar Therapeutics shares have been on fire recently, but the bull run may be over. Here's why.
  12. Stocks

    Macy's May Fall 18% as Option Traders Turn Bears

    Macy's Inc. shares have jumped by roughly 21%.
  13. Stocks

    Micron May Rise 12% As Analysts Grow More Bullish

    Micron stock rose more than 6% after crossing a critical resistance level, and could climb further.
  14. Stocks

    Why Amazon's Stock May Continue To Outperform Alibaba's

    Amazon's stock will probably outperform Alibaba over the next few years. Here's why.
  15. Stocks

    AMD May Fall 17% as Bearish Option Volume Soars

    An analysis of the technical charts indicates that AMD could fall by as much as 17% in coming weeks.