Resides In

Denver, Colorado


University of Wisconsin, Whitewater


Trading strategies, technical analysis, options and derivative trading

Company Info

JDK Commerce, Inc.


  • 15+ years of experience as a freelance financial writer and subject matter expert covering a wide range of topics including trading, investing, technical analysis, and options and derivatives
  • Author of a book on active trading
  • Software developer with 10+ years of experience creating financial web and mobile applications


Justin Kuepper has been a freelance writer and software developer since the 2000s. He became interested in both active trading and value investing and began trading with a custodial account at an early age. He began sharing this knowledge by writing for several financial publications over the years. In addition to being an active investor and freelance writer, Justin has worked with startups in the financial industry serving both investors and public companies as a software developer and consultant.

Justin has been writing financial news and other articles for Investopedia since 2013.


Justin received his bachelor's from the University of Wisconsin with a major in finance and a minor in real estate and Spanish.

Quote from Justin Kuepper

"I enjoy taking complex information and distilling it down to what matters, whether through writing content or algorithms. I have a passion for finance because there has never been a better tool for wealth creation than the stock market, and it's very rewarding to help people take advantage of it early on."