Justin Kuepper

Justin Kuepper

Justin Kuepper has many years of experience in the market as an active trader and a personal retirement accounts manager. He spent a few years independently building and managing financial portals before obtaining his current position with Accelerized New Media, owner of SECFilings.com, ExecutiveDisclosure.com and other popular financial portals. Kuepper continues to write on a freelance basis, covering both finance and technology topics.

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  1. Chart Strategy

    Canopy Growth Stock Could Retest Highs After Constellation Brands Deal

    Canopy Growth shares moved sharply higher after Constellation Brands upped its investment, but traders will be watching these ...
  2. Chart Strategy

    Short Line Candle

    Short Line Candles – also known as ‘short candles’ – are candles on a candlestick chart that have a short real body.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Alibaba Stock Falls Near Key Support Levels

    Alibaba shares have fallen due to the intensifying trade war between China and the U.S., but traders will be watching these ...
  4. Chart Strategy

    Will Twitter Recover From Its Earnings Decline?

    Twitter shares have been trending sideways since its bearish second quarter financial results, but traders will be watching ...
  5. Chart Strategy

    Emerging Markets Risk Clouds Outlook This Week

    While the U.S. economy remains relatively strong, concerns about Turkey and other emerging markets could be a drag on the ...
  6. Retirement Savings

    Trading Options in Roth IRAs

    A breakdown of the do's and don'ts of trading options in a Roth IRA.
  7. Chart Strategy

    Will Intel's Rally Close the Gap?

    Intel shares have steadily recovered from their late July lows, but traders will be closely watching these levels ahead.
  8. Chart Strategy

    Twilio Stock Breaks Out Following Q2 Earnings Beat

    Twilio shares moved sharply higher following its Q2 earnings beat, but traders will be looking for some consolidation at ...
  9. Trading Strategy

    Day Trading: An Introduction

    This article takes an objective look at day trading, who does it, and how it is done.
  10. Chart Strategy

    SeaWorld Stock Hits Fresh 52-Week Highs After Earnings

    SeaWorld shares moved sharply higher following strong second quarter financial results, but traders will be watching these ...
  11. Chart Strategy

    Tesla Breaks Out as Elon Musk Taunts Short Sellers

    Tesla shares reached their highest levels this year amid speculation of positive news about Model 3 deliveries in a few weeks.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Netflix Moves Further Into Overbought Territory

    Netflix shares continued to rally following the bidding war for Fox's assets, but traders will be keeping an eye on these ...
  13. Trading Strategy

    Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

    Discover how the amazing ratio, revealed in countless proportions throughout nature, applies to financial markets.
  14. Chart Strategy

    Shopify Sell-Off Hits Key Support Levels

    Shopify shares continued to move lower following a bearish Supreme Court ruling earlier this month, but traders will be watching ...
  15. Chart Strategy

    Stock Market Rally Continues Despite Rising Risk

    The major U.S. indexes will look to continue their earnings-driven momentum into the coming week despite growing uncertainties.
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